How To Paint Heroquest Fimirs/ Fimir Miniatures (Repainting Old Minis Part 8)

in this video I’ll be showing you how to
paint fimirs which are swamp monsters, for Warhammer or D&D the first
step will always be priming which was covered previously use whatever primer
color you want but I used white the second step is to coat the entire model
with Warboss Green nearly the whole miniature is exposed skin so it’s
easiest to paint the whole model one color and add details after once that
dries the whole model will be given a slightly different skin color by using
Loren Forest and that step will also be repeated with Straken Green now that
the skin is nearly complete we can move on to the detail work the first detail
is painting the horizontal belt brown with Mournfang Brown I made sure to
get it from every angle Then, Leadbelcher was used on the axe
head and the chainmail loincloth along with one of the bangle things on his
wrist a thin brush and Rhinox Hide was used to paint the front and back of the
vertical leather straps the large metal shield by his abdomen needs to be
painted with some kind of metallic color like this Hashut Copper, Brass Scorpion
or Balthasar Gold. For this miniature I decided to use the last one and I filled
in the shield Gorthor Brown gave the axe handle some color and Warplock
Bronze was used on the other bracelet for one in the shoulder plates I put on
some Brass Scorpion but I made it too watery so I put on a second layer after
I got out my Leadbelcher once more for each of the tiny buttons on the straps
and for the other shoulder plate next we are moving on to this base I colored the
whole thing black with Abaddon Black then glued some soil on top this
particular soil is a sandy clay loam but any kind of darker soil should still
have the same look you could even paint sand brown if you want to I also put on
some of this dark green flocking to give the base the desired swamp look after
the basing material all dried I painted the claws on both feet as many
fingernails as I could get to and his menacing teeth to make the ridged tail
look different from the rest of the model I put Bugman’s Glow onto it this
gives it a similar appearance to a rat’s tail or makes it look scaled The tail
has spikes on it too and they remind me of a dinosaur they were painted with
Karak Stone so that they stand out more from the other claws The next detail is to
paint the single eye I painted it with Evil Sunz Scarlet and made the pupil area
Deathclaw Brown to make it stand out a little bit now we get on to the fun part:
giving the entire model a massive wash of Agrax Earthshade to make it
look really dirty you can use Nuln Oil or whatever you want here just make it
look nasty the very last step is to give the model a thick layer of some glossy
clear coat to make it look slimy and here’s what your final product looks
like! This was a really interesting model to paint so I hope that you enjoyed it
the next one will be a zombie for Halloween thank you everyone so much for
watching this video if you liked it please do give me a like and a sub
because it really helps me out and I will see you in my next video,