HOW TO PAINT EASY | Bringing Home the Christmas Tree in a Red Vintage Truck with lights in Acrylics

Hi there Shanna Cramer here. This is
bringing home the tree – an acrylic painting with lights. We’re starting off
here with a 10 by 20 canvas, some black, and some white acrylic paint. We’re
just mixing them together to get a nice light gray and painting it on in a nice
choppy style. so we get some off in the distance hazy clouds and then
some faded snow on the bottom. We’ll add a slight vignette to the outside so it’s a
little bit darker and helps anchor the painting. Darken up that horizon line as
well as the shadow area under the truck. Go ahead and blend that all in and then
we will make sure we have the entire canvas covered with paint.
Next adding in our horizon line. We’ll just be adding our background trees.
These are a slightly darker gray than our background color. Add in a couple of
tree trunks and then tap in your tree branches. With all of those branches on,
go ahead and anchor them to the ground with a nice shadow. We’ll do the same
thing on both sides. These trees don’t need any detail.
They’re just background trees. We don’t want them to be too attention-getting so
just keep them nice and muted and simple. Anchor them to the ground again.
Take a break sketch your truck. Then we’ll start by
color blocking the truck with red. By color blocking we will simply be
coloring the truck red everything that the base color needs to be red. We’re not
worried about highlights, shadows, variations in color. We’re simply adding
the background color. We’ll give this layer a minute to dry
and then we’ll come back and do our details.
While that’s drying we can add our second layer of trees. These are still
background trees so they’ll still be gray but it’s a darker shade of gray.
Same technique. Add your tree trunks, add your branches, and then anchor them with
a shadow. While that’s drying we’ll come back into
our truck add our shadows. Add a little bit of black to your red put it on on your
truck and blend it while it’s wet. When we add our highlights we’ll just pick up
some white paint and drop it where we want it and leave it alone. Next, we’ll
work on the wood rails of the back of the truck. and this is just some brown
paint but only a background color again. We are color blocking just like we did
with the truck. We’ll add our Brown and then we’ll let that dry and come back
and do a second layer. While the wood color is drying, we’ll work on the wheels.
Add a medium grey for the center of the wheels. A slightly darker gray for the
very center of the wheels. And then some white highlights. After that move on to
the black of the tires. Do this on both wheels.
While we’re working on these wheels then the wood should be dry. We’ll come back
and add the shading of the wood. Add a little touch of black to your brown
paint and add in a few shadows just so you can identify the boards. We’ll also
add some highlights again. That’s just going to be a little white with your
Brown. Moving onto the bumpers and the other chrome. Fill those in with gray slightly
darker gray for shadow and a couple of dots of white for the highlights. When you’re adding the shadow to the
truck. At this point our paint is pretty dry so
we’ll be adding quite a bit of new paint just so we can take advantage of the wet
in wet blending. Add as much paint as you need to to get the blend that you’re
after and then just touch up as necessary. After this we’ll work on the tree. I’ve
got a nice mix of yellow and blue. I’m just sketching out the tree shape in the
back of the truck. And then just start dotting in the different color. One of
the benefits of using yellow and blue and white to make your green is you have
three different colors to work with for your color variations. You can have
highlights on one side you can have shadows on another side. For example on
this tree we’ll be dropping in some white making it look like we have a
little bit of snow on the top of the tree. And then we’ll switch over to a
more pure blue to add in our shadows which will be right around the truck and
on the shadow side of the tree the bottom side of the tree. right and then we’ll move on to our
background trees one more time. We’re just taking that small brush the
white paint and adding in some snow to the branches. Just tap that snow right
onto the branches. Then scribble on a little bit of snow highlights just right
down on those little hills. Once we have our final details down here with
our trees and our snow we’ll let this dry for a minute before moving on to adding
our lights. We have a string of fairy lights. Do make
sure they work before you try to use it. We have a pushpin, so the main
starter points. Untangle your lights and turn them on. Count your lights. We
have 20 which means we’re going to want to make 20 holes in the tree.
Take your pushpin and get started. These holes are not big enough to put your lights through, so
flip it over grab a nail or another tool that you can poke larger holes with
and re-poke those holes. Make sure they’re big enough to fit your lights through.
Go ahead and try pushing your light through. If it just barely fits that’s
exactly the right size. The light should come through to the front side of the
canvas. We will grab our tape and get
to work. One at a time we’ll put the light
through the hole and then tape it down. As you’re working you want to be careful
to not kink the wire because that can cause your whole string of lights to go
out. That wouldn’t be good. One at a time, tape them down and then
make sure you do tape the whole works down at the end. We’ll do another second
layer of tape around the whole thing just to keep it intact. Let’s flip it over for the
reveal. Isn’t that nice? Let’s shut out the room lights. Look at that our beautiful new glowing
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