How To Paint a Car Part 3 Mini Course

Spoiler which is hitting off the high, all
the high edges of the epoxy on our bottom body kit and on the bumper cover. Just you
know, to save us some time instead of doing it by hand. You just wanna hit it all down
with a DA, if you’re comfortable with it…get it all flat, you know don’t stay in one
spot too long because you’re gonna start to cut the body kit down because it’s fiberglass
and 80-grit cuts through it pretty quickly. So we’re just getting it down nice till
we’re left with a little U-shape area inside and we’re gonna actually go over with more
epoxy with our finger and then, we’re gonna actually finish it off with our finger, going
in there so that we get that nice U-shape. So as you see what I’m doing here with the
side skirt. The sideskirt was a pretty, you know, it wasn’t the flattest side skirt.
So what I did was put a fresh 80-grit on the DA and then I just kept it flat and went back
and forth on it and you’re able to see the high and low spots. So as you see, the white area is the high
corners of the body kit and as you see the dark areas, that’s all the low spot in the
body work. So you just wanna go over it, see your high and low spots. Sometimes, if you
sand it out long enough, you’re gonna…it’s gonna start to level out..because this, you
know is a very minor ripple but we want to get it nice and straight because you know,
you’re gonna be able to see that in the reflection of the body kit when it’s nice
and glossy and painted. So we just tried to flatten it out a little
bit. And then, areas that were too bad, too low…what we did was, were gonna put some
putty over it. A skin coat of putty then sand it down so we could fill it. Alright, so just wanted to give you a preview
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totally difficult. Here what we’re doing is molding in the
rear spoiler into the body. We’re using a special kind of epoxy here and that bonds
the metal and plastic and fiberglass. And we’re molding it all in together to look
like one piece. Wait till you see this thing when it’s done, it looks really, really
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