How To Paint A Car – Bare Metal to Clearcoat – Steps To Painting a Car At Home with Kevin Tetz

this panel represents the basic layers
and the breakdown of a paint system from the bare steel up starting of course
with a bare steel and polyester fillers followed by an epoxy coat which protects
the bare steel against corrosion and into a 2k urethane that’s designed for
sanding and blocking followed of course by the base code which contains your
color and followed again by the clear coat which contains the strength and the
gloss for your entire finish know a lot of guys are doing is utilizing contour
polyester primer surfacer over top of the epoxy because of its amazing build
quality is it allows you to block panels laser straight with no waves and really
crisp it up style lines and transitions to take your project to the next level
and make it a real showpiece so whatever you want to do a scuff and
shoot a driver pay job or a full-on show job Eastwood’s that the options that you