How To Make Your Cherry Paint POP! – 1962 Chevy Corvette – Chemical Guys Car Care

Today, we have this gorgeous 1962 Corvette. We started by washing it to remove the surface
debris without scratching it, then we moved on to claying it to remove the embedded contamination
and revive that smooth feeling. Then we polished it take care of those scratches
and swirls to really bring out that bright red shine. Now we’re going to protect it using Cherry
Wet Wax. The reason we need to protect it is because
many don’t know red fades and discolors faster than any other color. That’s due to the way it absorbs UV rays that
damage the paint causing it to turn grayish or pink which takes away from the overall
look. So we are going to apply Cherry Wet Wax which
is a carnauba wax that will give it a high shine and also a durable protection against
UV rays, harsh elements and a really nice and rich glow. Shaking the bottle to get started and we’ll
spread it by machine to apply a nice thin coat which saves time and effort. Lets place five dime size drops on the pad. Si now we’ll dab it out and on the lowest
speed setting we’ll spread it out over the entire vehicle. After applying Cherry Wet Wax to the vehicle
and giving it ample time to bond it now has a nice coat of wax that enhances shine as
well as protect the finish. We’re going to buff off the excess using these
Purple Happy Ending Towels. It is super plush so it will pick up all the
product without streaking or scratching and it also has a laser cut edge that is further
reassurance that we don’t harm the finish. We’ll place the towel on the vehicle and work
back and forth in straight lines and you see that the fine coat comes off easily using
less product which saves time and effort. Well guys to get these products for yourself
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it a thumbs up and we’ll see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.