How To Make Red Paint Glow Like A Torch! | 2000 Corvette | Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys, today in the Chemical Guys
Detail Garage we have this 2000 Corvette. As you can see it has this beautiful Torch
Red finish. We’ve already washed it and clayed it to decontaminate
to restore a super slick feeling and now we want to protect it. The car could be polished or sealed and waxed
but we don’t have this car for much longer so we need to add shine and protection really
quickly. So that is why we have Blazin’ Banana Spray
Wax. All you have to do is shake up the bottle
and mist it over the area that you are working on. It doesn’t need time to flash or haze but
simply buff it off and unveil that high shine. What’s great is you can do this anywhere;
in the parking lot, your garage or at the show to add that last eye-popping shine. Simply spray on and wipe off. A lot of you guys who have red paint know
that this color fades and oxidizes very quickly which is why it is importantly to have some
form of protection on the surface. We’ve chosen to go with Blazin’ Banana to
enhance the shine and protect the finish. Not only does Blazin’ Banana look great it
also smells great. So with any detailing product it is best to
have a tool or chemical that does more than one task. So obviously it works well on the paint but
you can also use it on the glass. This will help any water sheet off or bead
away so when it’s dewy outside or rain won’t create water spots. That will prevent any etching or permanent
staining on the glass. Spray it on and it wipes off nice and easy
for the ultimate clarity. If you guys want to learn more about Blazin’
Banana head over to our website. If you like this Corvette be sure to give
her a thumbs up and we’ll see you next time right here in the Detail Garage. It is important to decontaminate the paint
of any fallout that is in the pores so that it is easier for coatings or sealant and wax
to bond. That will help it last longer and look better. If you think about it, you will lock in the
contamination and that doesn’t look or feel good. Using the OG Clay Bar I’ve torn off a small
piece and kneaded it into a paddy and using the Luber it adds a tolerance of lubrication
between the paint and the bar to prevent marring. The clay bar is a Silly Puddy type material
that traps abrasive particles of contamination to safely glide off the surface to restore
a factory smooth finish.