How To Make Dull White Paint Shine – Chemical Guys VSS Polish

One of the questions we always get asked is how do I make my paint shine. In this case we have this Honda Civic right here and the paint is not shinning anymore. It’s actually really dull. It’s oxidized, there is a lot of scratches and swirls embedded in it. So we are going to get them out using VSS. Now normally VSS is used as a scratch and swirl remover. But it also has a tough formula to knock off any kind of oxidation such as this fender right here. So to start off, we are going to be taping off the area. Just so we can show a nice difference. Now that I made a thick line in between, to get a good before and after. So let’s get started. We are using our Torq X. An orange cutting pad With our VSS. VSS is a great all in one polish. It’s going to start off a little bit abrasive at first but if you keep using it, the oils are going to break down and it finishes off like a nice fine polish. Once you apply your drops, do a few sprays with your pad conditioner. Spread it out over the area you are working on. Be sure to clear out anything that’s gonna get in the way of the pad. Afterwards you put it on the lowest speed setting; in this case it’s one. And then you work it out. So now that it’s nice and evenly spread out on the surface I’m working on, put it to the highest speed setting and turn it on. And after you finish polishing it you may have noticed that I didn’t necessarily work in a 50/50 overlap like we usually do. Sometimes you need to modify the way you polish in order for you to properly get the compound to work in certain areas that normally wouldn’t work with a 50/50 overlap. But not that it’s nice and worked in, it’s you know, I can see that it’s already broken down. You just buff off any excess compound with a microfiber towel. Like so. As I’m wiping off, I’m noticing that it’s really bright. It’s actually looking white. The way the car was meant to look like. It doesn’t have this muggy look; it looks a little bit brown, discolored. And as I peeling off the tape… you guys will be able to see the difference. There you go. So as you can see, before and after. White usually hides a lot of scratches and imperfections but just to show you guys this does a good job hiding a lot of imperfections. once you have it polished having white the way it’s suppose to look, the difference is technically, night and day.