How To Make Black Paint Shine – Chemical Guys Blacklight

Welcome to Detail Garage. Today we have a slick black sports car that
was once driven by a lifeguard. This car has a lot of scratches and swirls. One of the most common questions I always
get it is how to do a paint correction without a machine or how do I fix a lot of the scratches
and swirls without using compound/abrasives and how to do a multi-step paint correction. One of the things I tell them is if you don’t
have a machine and you have no means of buffing off these scratches and swirls without compound
one thing you can use is Black Light. Black Light is a glaze that fills in a lot scratches and swirls with its advanced polymer formula. Black Light can be applied by hand or machine. On this vehicle I’m going to demonstrate how
to do it using both techniques. First we will start off by hand and then we’ll
do it by machine. First give your Black Light a good shake. Apply a few drops onto the applicator. Then go to the surface you are working with
like the hood. Work in a small area with a few drops. Blotch it onto the surface. The trick to using a glaze is you want to insure
even coverage throughout the whole area. What I do is run along with the direction
of the panel I’m working on. So working on the hood I’ll go from top to
bottom. Then to insure even coverage since there is
a blotchy area that didn’t cover very well. I do a cross hatching technique. So I started from top to bottom and now I’m
going from left to right. I go over it a third time going from top to bottom. Using this technique insures that every area
of this hood is evenly coated and covered. Black Light has a cure time of fifteen to
twenty minutes. It is a little colder in here so I’m assuming
it will take about twenty minutes. While this is curing lets focus on the front
of the vehicle. So the front of the vehicle I went ahead and
did a test spot before we started this video. I applied Black Light after I taped up the hood. I put Black Light to the front end and left
it bare on the other side just so I could see how well it was going to work. From what I can tell the results make a big
difference. I hit a lot of the scratches and swirls on
the front of the hood. It’s a deeper black and it is a lot glossier
and I can see my reflection. In the areas that I didn’t apply Black Light
I can still see those deeper scratches. So if I were to bob my head back and forth
I can definitely see a difference from here to here. So Black Light is a better alternative to
paint correction if you don’t feel comfortable behind a machine using compounds or doing
a multi-step paint correction. My advise to you is to go with Black Light
to conceal the scratches and swirls to get a deeper reflection. That’s the first way to apply Black Light. It’s a very effective way, very easy and very
simple. The second way is by applying it by machine. When applying by machine note that we’re just
applying it. We’re not cutting into the paint. This Quantum Hex-Logic Pad is not going to
cut into the paint it’s just an easier way for you apply Black Light throughout the surface. For those of you that are considering getting
a machine I highly recommend it due to the fact that you save a lot of time. I can do this whole hood in less than thirty seconds. First thing you want to do is put your machine
to its lowest speed setting, blotch it out over the surface and then turn it on. My camera guy informed me it took a little
over a minute to do the whole hood which I’m perfectly fine with. I made sure I got the surface nice and evenly
covered. Just this section took me over a minute and
thirty seconds to do. Which is fine but by doing it by machine I
was able to do this big panel in a minute so imagine how long it’s going to take me
to do the whole car by machine. It might take me less than ten minutes to
do as opposed to doing it by hand which might take me anywhere from thirty minutes to an
hour. So doing it both ways is effective because
the product works into the scratches and fills them in to make the car look great. If you do it by hand you could can skip arm
day at the gym. Its been about twenty minutes and now it is
time to buff off and see what kind of results we get. As I’m buffing off I’m working in long straight
lines going back and forth to make sure I don’t miss anything. I chose to go with the Red Line Microfiber
Towel because it does have two sides. It has one thick plush side and the other
is a thin side. I like using the thick side to pull off cured
glaze because it makes it very easy. So with very little effort this glaze wipes
off revealing a high shine which hid a lot of those scratches and swirls and now this
car looks amazing. I’ve got the rest of the vehicle to do. We’ll see you guys next time.