How to: Gold Plating on Plastic Chrome Car Emblems & Badges – ON CAR

Hi guys, we’re making a video today for
you about the Universal Plater Car Accessory Kit and we’re just going to
show you what it comes with, some features, and how to use it. The Universal Plater, we have an unboxing video that shows what the normal Universal Plater Chrome Edition comes with, how to set it up, and
how to use it. This video is more about the car accessory part of it. So this particular kit would be the Universal Plater Chrome Edition and then the
add-on accessory is: the cart you see here to sit on. That holds your extra
items here as well. The cart that the kit is sitting on rolls around which is nice you can go around the car. There’s velcro on the bottom of that catch tray there
the drain pan, we call it, that keeps it on the cart and then the kit sits on that little rail there securely on top of the drain pan. The cart that you sit on, the cart that the drain pan sits on, and the drain pan, and that drain apron
are really the extra accessories here, that aren’t included in the normal
Universal chrome Edition. So now we’re going to show you how it’s used. So you sit down on the cart here and then this is the drain apron, we call it. And we’ve cleaned the surface there and if you do that, clean the surface where you’re sticking the tape you can actually use the tape on multiple cars. So just get all the dust and dirt off of there and then you can just reuse it. The drain apron comes down and goes into the drain pan there and so that all your chemicals drip down into the drain pan. We pulled the plugs. We pull the plugs out so that the liquids go inside of the drain pan. and now we’re going to show you how it works. The kit is fully set up right now. We’ve
got all our solutions in. We’ve got our sleeves soaked. The kit is already set to
about seven volts. You’ll notice the kits turned around so the beakers are facing the car. That’s just to keep your solutions from dripping all over your
wires and whatnot there. This is the best way to have it set up. We’re on the Chrome Stripping position. We’re in the Chrome Stripping position as you can see. All your extra
accessories are sitting here and then the power cable runs out the back. Okay. The power supply sits on the cart. and then the power supply is down there. Okay, let’s go ahead and plate this emblem. So the first step is to strip the chrome off of the emblem. So I want to put the common clip in a pretty obscure place where if I lose contact it doesn’t arc or cause any spark so I just jam it up in there on the side kind of. When I hold the handles, I want to hold the handle high so it doesn’t run down my arm. Okay, as i begin stripping you can see
the Chrome’s coming right off. The nickel underneath, just like with the unboxing video, where we did the wrench. The nickel underneath is kind of a tannish or darker color. There’s a lot of reflection there so it is kind of difficult to see but if you’re, if you’re doing it, it’s quite obvious that the chrome is being
taken off and as you can see the wooly sleeve there is turning that yellow color
and that’s also a sign that the chrome is coming off. When it comes out
into the solution it actually turns it yellow. You notice that there’s a little bit of steam and vapor coming off. This is a powerful machine and so there’s no point in letting it get hot so you just simply roll your sleeve over. I’m probably not going to have to re-dip for this one emblem, but I want to make sure I get down in all the corners. Yeah, you don’t want to under chrome strip it’s always better to make sure you get all
the chrome off of the emblem. If you don’t get it off you’re going to have major
issues there after. I think we’ve got it. So we’re going to rinse it off and take a
quick look at it. I like to rinse the the clip while I’m rinsing the emblem. the
drain water just runs down into the drain pan. You can start to dispose a layer. Okay, I’m looking to make sure everything
wets out. Well it appears that it does. This is an older car so the emblems a little bit scratched up but it’ll still gold plate very well, I believe . You’re gonna do the same thing, now we’re right now I’m at 6.88. You know, that’s a pretty good voltage six and a half like that. This is the Surface Activator
Solution and this activates the nickel, that is lying underneath the chrome. Opp, guess what? Having an issue? Yeah, so you need to, you need to make sure that… And this is actually kind of a good feature. The chrome stripping, there’s a switch there. There’s one mode for chrome
stripping and one mode for normal plating. If the machine is left in chrome
stripping mode and you go to do the activation, as what just happened, the kit
won’t do anything. If it were, that’s a feature we built into it, to protect the emblem because if you went to do the surface activating without and it were
still in reverse polarity it will ruin the emblem. So that was a good demonstration of this feature we built into the kit. It’s really easy to forget to reverse the polarity. Okay, so now it’s in normal plating mode and the Surface Activator will work now. Working well, yep. Now I’m not going to spend a lot of time, I’m just going to make sure I get everywhere quickly. A lot of gold plating kits in the past,
people have had that issue where they didn’t change the switch,
they didn’t switch it to normal plating mode and it just will it’ll ruin the emblem
immediately. Okay, so the activation is a quick step. You don’t, it’s not like the chrome stripping. You just want to quickly get everywhere on the emblem but you don’t want to spend a bunch of time doing it. Now we’re moving on to the gold plating. I turned the voltage down to about 4.6. As you can see the gold is I hope you can see. yeah you can see it’s going on. Gold is just leaping on. If it’snot going on immediately there’s some sort of issue. So I’m going to go over
the entire emblem really quick, kind of quickly. and get in all the corners. When we did the plating for dealerships
we always give a lifetime warranty on the gold plating against peeling, flaking,
or fading of the gold. So we like to do a nice job. We make sure that we take the time and put the gold on plenty heavy. So after I’ve gone over the whole thing a couple of times, I’ll go back and just particularly the main surfaces where the guy might be washing it or it gets rubbed. And that’s it, that’s how I would do it. See there’s the chrome emblems and here’s the gold. So you know, it turns gold immediately but you want to spend more time, as he was just saying, to make sure it’s thicker. Yeah, I probably, that’s probably about the time I would spend on that emblem. Our gold goes on really fast. How much gold? That’s probably 15 to 20 millionths, half a micron. Maybe a couple dollars worth on an emblem. Now what I would do if we were
going to continue, is I would carefully pull off the apron, fold it down into the drain pan and then we would just put the whole thing over here and set up on the next emblem and go to the next one. Very good. Okay. Well I think that about covers it. That’s the Universal Plater. It’s really important that when you order this that you get the Chrome Edition. The regular Universal Plater would not do this. It will not work for stripping chrome. so this is the Universal Plater Chrome Edition, with the car accessory kit. And if you have any
questions, let us know. Thanks!