How to Fix Paint Chips on Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m
going to show you how to touch-up paint chips and scratches on your vehicle,
I just went to Amazon and this paint scratch dot com company was there for
twenty-something bucks they had a little kit for fixing them and it works quite
well and all you need to do is go to your identification number and it’s got
the color and trim right on it, as it says right here, the color trim is 751 –
fa10 and the kit comes with the paint an automatic clear coat to clear coat it
when you’re done and some lacquer thinner if you’re going to spray it on
with spray, we’re just going to use the little brushes inside here we’re not
going to spray it, but if you want a professional job, you can spray it on, now
I do have an airbrush kit that I could use for it, but really this is a 20 year
old pickup truck I’m giving to my son it’s got a lot of scratches and stuff
I’m just showing you how you can get rid of the big ones and make them look
decent, but if you want to do a really good job, you can get these airbrush kits
for 50 60 bucks online and they do a real good job spray paint in small areas,
for this demonstration we’re going to do a spot right here where it’s starting to
rust through behind the cab and we’ll start with little 400 grit sandpaper and
sand the rust off, then once it’s shiny and wipe it off and put a little primer
on it I like this rust-oleum primer because
it’s a really good primer, it seals the rust off you notice the edge still has a
tiny bit of rust but this will seal that perfectly, then we just get a little bit
of the rust primer and paint it on and now comes the real boring part you have to
wait for the primer to dry, so you have to wait an hour or two, then once the paint
is dried for the primer, you get the little brush out of the can and paint it
on very carefully, just glide it on, until you have it covered and yeah I know
people going to say what a sloppy job okay
I’m not a painter somebody with a steady your hand could paint it better, if I
wanted to do a perfect job I would have used my airbrush machine and I would
have airbrushed it on over various layers but hack it’s such an old truck
it’s going son it’s going to lie out in the snow
most of the time, so as long as it’s covering the rust, it looks decent,
that’s good enough, but if you want to do a much better job just using the brush
after the paint dries the first time, you can use this cutting cream that comes
with a kit and you can buff it to make it smoother, then you can paint it over
again and you can do that four or five times if you want, but I’m not going that
far and then for the finishing touch you put the automotive clear coat that it
comes with, so it’ll shine like the rest of the paint, you brush it on nice and
slowly and again if you want to do a perfect job you can get the cutting
cream that it came with and you can buff off the clear coat then you can paint it
again and you could buff it off or you could put clear coat in a little sprayer
like I have and do an airbrush spray the clear coat and of course it’ll be a
little bit better then, but for me, looks a lot better than the rusty spot
that was there before, remember if you’ve got any car questions, just visit the
Scotty Kilmer channel and I’ll answer them if I ever get tired of driving this
Mustang you