How To: Fix Dim Headlights

Hey, welcome back everybody—Collin here
from O’Reilly Auto Parts to show you how to fix dim headlights. But before I get into
that, I wanna give you the opportunity to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t
already, so you don’t miss out on any of our new content. All right, it goes without saying: being able
to see while you’re driving in the dark is… pretty important. So, if you notice
that you’ve got a headlight bulb or bulbs that aren’t quite as bright as they should
be—or as they used to be—there are a few simple fixes to consider. The first is just the possibility that you
need a new bulb. As those filaments inside the bulb start to age, they can deposit a
residue that keeps headlights from being as bright as they used to be. That’s an easy
enough fix—just stop by one of our stores and grab a pair of headlight bulbs. I say
“a pair” because it’s a good idea to change them both at once. If one is fading
or failing, chances are, the other one isn’t far behind it. On that note, it could also be that you just
need a brighter bulb, and that might be most noticeable if you’ve only changed one of
the two. The other bulb may just be older, or it could be a different bulb that doesn’t
provide as much light as the other. So remember to replace them together, and consider choosing
bulbs that put out more light than your previous bulbs. In some cases, your issue isn’t the bulbs
at all. Over time, the headlight assemblies or lenses of your headlights can start to
cloud up and keep the lights inside of them from shining as brightly as they were intended
to. In many cases, what’s needed is a headlight restoration kit, which can take the film off
the outside of headlight lenses. This’ll allow light to pass through the way it was
designed to and improve nighttime driving visibility. Now, if the headlight lenses on your vehicle
are too far gone—say you’ve restored them before and they’ve clouded up all over again,
or they’ve gotten moisture inside—what you may need to do is replace the headlight
assemblies themselves. Many vehicles have whole assemblies available that can be changed
by simply removing a few bolts and detaching a wiring harness. The replacement will be
well worth the improvement in visibility, not to mention how much better the front end
of your vehicle will look. Hopefully, one of these solutions is the right
one for your dim headlights. If you have any other questions, stop by a store or reach
out to us on social media—we’d love to help. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel
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