How to Fix Broken or Stripped Lug Studs – JerryRigEverything

Alright so we’re going to switch out the
lug nut studs on this car. You can see that this one has just snapped
completely off. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to
lube it up and pound it through. So to pop that guy out, basically I just took
some lube, sprayed it on there… kind of around there really quick. And then I just took a normal hammer, tapped
it on a few sides and then actually hit it pretty hard, getting some pretty solid swings
at it. And then it just popped the broken stud out
of there. So now I have it in the hole. These little grooves right here, which help
it stay in once it’s in, keep it from going in all the way. So if you have a clean shot at it from the
back, you can tap it a couple times with a hammer. You just want to make sure that it comes out
perpendicular to the metal part here. What I’m going to do right now is see if
I can just pull it through using one of my nuts right here. If you get a washer and stick it around the
edge, it will make it so that the nut can pull it through all the way instead of getting
caught right here where the threads stop. Cuz once the nut gets to here, you can’t
pull it through anymore because there are no more threads to grab onto. So I’m going to grab some washers, put it
around there and just pull it through. Instead of finding washers I actually found
this little hook right here that has a big circle on the end that as I rotate this, it
pulls the stud through…the lug stud. So I’m just going to keep on tightening
this down until it’s all the way flush with the back of the metal. Taking a wrench that was slightly bigger than
the lug stud, slipping it on, plus the little metal ring. And also just remember that the washers would
do just as good of a job as this, I just didn’t want to run to the store. And it has it pulled flush against the back
just like these other ones are. And that is it. Now I can just pop this off. And the magical contraption worked. So you want to do this without the tire in
place, cuz if you put the tire on and then try to tighten it through here, you’re going
to end up damaging the rim. Anyway, that’s it. That’s how you change a lug stud on a car.