How to Find Leaks in Your Car with a Smoke Machine

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going show you how to find
leaks in your car using smoke, now mechanics have been used in smoke
machines for years, I got one here, hiding under all this junk, but it’s got one
major disadvantage that sucker cost over a thousand dollars, but I found a smoke
machine by custom smoke that costs just a little over a hundred dollars, and
that’s why my thousand dollar machine is sitting down here, the hundred dollar one
works just as well, it’s actually easier to use, as you can see, it’s made out of a
paint, can has a heating element in it, makes smoke which you can blow around to
find where there’s leaks in your car, that’s what I call American ingenuity,
make a better mousetrap, hey you’re going to make a lot of people happy, it’s a very
simple device, there’s a heating element inside, and you just go to the drugstore
get some mineral oil and pour it in a little bottle that comes with the kit,
then you just sprinkle a little bit of the mineral oil on the covering of the
heating element, then just put the top on and seal it, like any paint can, and then you
hook the positive cable to the battery, and the negative cable to the battery, to
generate the smoke, and the smoke comes out the other end, so you can stick it in
place us to see where there’s a leak, the smoke will come out where stuff is
leaking, now I’m a mechanic, so I use the pressure regulator that comes with, hook
it up to my air supply, and that pumps the air through, but you could take it
off and just blow in it with your mouth to push the smoke through, or you can get
a bicycle pump and use a bicycle pump to pump the air through the system, so the
smoke will show where the leaks are, you don’t have to have an air compressor, now
let’s say your vehicles running lean, you can go to the brake booster and you can
take off the hose there, and then just inject the smoke inside there, and check
where the smoke coming up, and in this case it’s way down here, the mass airflow
sensor is leaking, so it needs replacing, talked about quick way to find something
that’s wrong, now I showed this to other mechanics and the
first thing some guy said was, oh that thing looks dangerous, but really it’s
got a fuse on it, so you’d have to worry about the wirings going bad, it’s fused,
it’s got a pressure regulator that regulates the pressure to like
half a PSI, so it doesn’t damage anything by blowing the smoke too fast, and of
course it has a very basic safety valve the top of the paint can if it did for
some reason build up too much pressure, the top of the can would just snap off,
but I’ve never had that happen, because hey the smoke is coming out of here where
the pressure is just going to come out of this hole if it builds up too much
pressure, and it never has for me anyway, now as with any smoke machine, it’s
best to use them outside like I am in a driveway, because if you’re inside a
garage that’s sealed up, if you use a smoke machine and you say working on an
evap system that has gas fumes, the gas fumes could get blown up and you could
cause an explosion somewhere, but if you’re working outside like me you don’t
have to worry about that, they would just dissipate into the air, you can use it to
find leaks in exhaust systems, just stick it in the pipe and put a towel there, and
wherever the leak is the smoke will come out, I’ve even used it to find leaks
in the sewer system of my old house, it’s so crooked the pipes are always breaking,
finds them real fast, now really the only thing I have against this smoke machine is,
this guy is so small the only we can get all of them is by his email, and there it is
custom smoke at, you have any questions about him, just email it to him,
hey Bill Gates started out of a garage and who knows how big this guy will get,
because if you build a better mousetrap, people will come knocking to your door,
and remember if you have any car questions, just visit the Scotty Kilmer
channel and I’ll answer them as soon as I get
done talking with this dolphin