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What’s going on everybody? Thanks so much for tuning in for today’s episode of Chemical Guys Detail Garage. As you see here, we have this beautiful R34 GTR in the shop and the
reason why we have it is because this car is getting ready to head off to a show. So, we’ve already started by washing it. Removing any of the light
dust that was on the surface. And also gave it a
light clay bar treatment because this car, its been sitting in storage where little things have set on the paint and it’s already embedded there and give you that really
rough feel and a rough look. So we gave it a light clay bar
treatment to remove it all. And since the car is in
almost immaculate shape, we don’t need to polish it. We’re going to move on
right to our next step which is an optional step, but it’s one great way to enhance the look of any color vehicle
and that’s a glaze. So for today, we’re going
to be using black light which enhances the color of dark vehicles, gives it more depth. And also with the metallic
flake in the paint, it really helps to make it pop. But more importantly, it’s also going to give
it some paint protection and then mask any of the
minor scratches and swirls. So, if any of you guys out
there are afraid to polish or a little bit new to polishing still, using a glaze is a great
way to skip over that step and then to help just
minimize the appearance. It’s not going to fix it, but it minimizes the appearance and also gives your car some more gloss. And then we’re going to move on our next step of locking that in. So, let’s get started. So to begin, I am going to
be using black light glaze which I’ve mentioned it enhances the look of any color vehicle but especially in these darker colors. And again, this is gonna help make the metallic flake in the paint really pop, and it masks the minor
scratches and swirls. So to begin, we’ll just
shake up the bottle. I’m using a blue microfiber applicator because this can be
used by hand or machine. But if you don’t have a machine, or if you really want to get a sure bond, use a hand applicator pad. So we’re just gonna do two lines and we’ll start by blotching
it out over the surface. We’ll start here on the hood. And I like to work my
way from the center out. This way I’m not leaning over areas I already put a product down on. And then you can use a
cross hatching pattern to ensure you covered the entire surface. Knock down any high points. But this only takes a few minutes to bond, so anywhere between five minutes and fifteen minutes is long enough. It also depends on how warm it is outside or inside of your garage. Because the humidity will effect the drying time or the curing time. So on warmer days, it’ll dry very quickly. On a cooler day, it’ll probably
take up to fifteen minutes. But you just come back with
a clean microfiber towel and buff off the excess. Now the con of using a
hand applicator pad is it doesn’t spread the coat as thin as a machine would. But the pro to this is that your ensuring that you’re covering
every inch of the hood or every inch of the vehicle. Doesn’t matter the body
lines or the contours. This way you know you’ve
covered the entire vehicle to get an even, uniform shine. And you see how easily that was even just by those two lines, we spread it out over basically the entire half of the hood over here. And we’re gonna start working our way around the rest of the vehicle. And by the time we come back, it’ll probably be time to buff this off. So, without a further ado, we’ll keep working around. And we’re gonna apply the same thing to any painted surfaces on the vehicle. The bumper, the fenders,
the roof, the trunk. And then we’ll come back and wipe it off. ( retro music) (revving engine) So after giving black light about fifteen minutes to cure to the surface, I’m going to take a clean microfiber towel and start buffing off the excess. I let it sit here for
about fifteen minutes and I can see it’s already
starting to haze up. And now it’s ready to come off. So, I’ve chose to use the Hand Band Lyle, which is a very plush towel. It’s very soft, so it polishes off any spent glaze sealant or waxes very easily. And we’ll start here on the hood, just working back and forth. And a very fine coat
comes of nice and easy; you’re not really fighting it or having to come back with another towel. Or quick detail spray to buff off any of the excess. This is gonna save you
time on the buff off, saves you effort, but it’s also saving you product which will save you money. So that fine coat really does pay off. Because if you think about it, only the initial layer,
that first bonding agent, is going to be attached to the surface. The rest of it is getting buffed off. So, having a heavy coat
doesn’t really do any good, but if you want more protection,
more shine, or more depth, just add two coats rather than
building up your first coat. So again, we’re just using linear motions which prevents the swirling
action of the paint. So, if you are to pick up
any abrasive particles, it’s not going to harm the finish. But linear motions easily
buffs off anything. Same thing with the application process; it ensures you’re applying evenly as well as moving evenly. This way you’re not
leaving any streaks behind. Or. I’m sure some of you guys have seen it where you’re done with your detailing and you’ll come back to and you’ll see one spot that you missed and that drives everybody crazy. So by working in linear motions or again using the cross hatching pattern, it ensures that you
haven’t missed anything. And it gives you that best finish. So, I’m just gonna work my way around the rest of the vehicle. Just like we’re doing with the application and then we’ll go onto our final step of walking in that shine. (retro music) And now we’ve made it to the final step of our detailing process for today and that is going to be the waxing step. Now you can either move on from a glaze to a sealant or wax or and wax, but for today, we’re just gonna use some Butter Wet Wax. This is some of my favorite kind to use because it enhances a very warm glow. Add the durable layer protection, it helps with that water beading action. But on a car like this, it’s really gonna make that paint pop because you’ve already given it depth, but now we really want to enhance it. And that’s why we’re using Butter Wet Wax. So, it goes on the same process where you can use it by hand or machine. And again, we’re gonna be using a blue microfiber applicator to ensure we cover the entire surface because there’s a lot of
contours, convex grilles here. So, we want to make sure we
cover the entire surface. But in the mean time, you guys can check out these products on our website, or your local detail garage. If you liked today’s video, this beautiful GTR, or
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