How To Easily Prepare Paint For Coating – Ferrari 360 Modena – Chemical Guys

Welcome back to Detail Garage. So we finished polishing up the hood on this
beautiful Ferrari 360 Modena. It’s looking fantastic, we removed a lot of
the swirls and scratches from the surface to restore the beautiful yellow finish. Now, we prepared for this detail by washing
the car, we used the OG Clay Bar to remove any of that surface contamination and restore
a smooth as glass feel so that when we polished with our TORQ 10FX Polisher with White Hex-Logic
Pad in combination with V4 All-In-One Polish we got no abrasive action from any of that
residue grinding into the paintwork to get better polishing results. It’s looking fantastic but I want to make
sure that I’m checking out the true condition of the paintwork so I’m going to use Wipe Out. Now, Wipe Out is a surface prep spray. What this product does is strip off any residues
of any cleaners or any other polishing compounds or waxes or sealant coatings that you have
on the surface. This is going to give you an unobstructed
view of the true condition of the paintwork underneath. So as a way to inspect the paintwork as I
polish I can use Wipe Out to pull off any of the oils or residues so that I have nothing
blocking the light from going in and I can see with my eyes the true condition of the
paint to determine whether or not I pulled off all of the swirls and scratches. Now, Wipe Out is also the best way to prepare
your paintwork for any sort of sealant or wax coating or if you are going to be applying
a clear bra wrap or vinyl wrap or vehicle coating on the surface you want to have the
best bond to that material on the surface. Now you don’t want to have oils or any sort
of contamination blocking that bond. So when you prep the surface with Wipe Out
you are ensuring the best bond from any sort of vehicle coating, sticker or aftermarket
wrap on the vehicle. Now checking out our results after wiping
down with Wipe Out I can see we removed all the swirls and scratches and it is looking
beautiful. We’re going to repeat this process over the
rest of the car and you can use Wipe Out on any surface on the exterior of your car. You can use it on paintwork, any clear parts
like glass or plastic headlight lenses and you can even use it on polished metals, chrome,
aluminum, stainless steel and even wheels and exhaust tips to make sure you get the
best bond from the next product you’re going to follow up with. Wipe Out is the perfect surface prep spray
to help ensure that your favorite bumper sticker, sticks forever.