How to Easily get your Cars Blower Motor Working Again “No Tools Needed”

alright Flat Rate Mechanic here and I just
wanted to do a quick video on an easy way to test your cars blower motor or
see if your blower motor is working I got a Mercedes in here today and
they’re complaining of the blower motor not working at all so on this particular
one I’m actually gonna just pull this battery cover out of the way and can
actually see inside of that that’s their actual
blower motor and what I can do is actually just tap tap on this see it’s
actually spinning that in fact what else you can also do is in a lot of cases
depending on the type of vehicle usually these blower motors are right up
underneath the dash no it is a regulated as a motor with a fan assably
on the outside of the motor but if you can get under your
glove compartment a lot of times you can just tap the back side of this blower motor
itself and that would be enough to jumpstart and jump start the motor and
get it going again and not only will you have heat or air
conditioning temporarily but then you’ll know for sure that the blower motor is
what’s going bad but what happens is the brushes just wear out and by tapping it
a lot of times you can kind of give it that jumpstart it needs to get going
again but thanks watching this quick little video on easy way to check their
blower motor just tap on it and be sure to hit the thumbs up if it was helpful
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