How To Do Your Own Car Paint Job Repair – CHIPEX (UK)

Warning, before you decide to spend time
and money going to a car body shop you should watch this video because we’re
going to reveal how you can turn your unpleasant Stone chips and scratches
into high-quality unnoticeable repairs. Most bodywork damage occurs due to the
poor state of the roads today. How many times have rocks or pebbles dented your
car? Snow gritting truck passing you on the
roads. You may have incurred minor damage in the supermarket car park. These are
all common accidents that could happen to you at any time and until now you
have only had two choices. A, an old-fashioned paint touch-up stick that
leaves a nasty blob. B, an expensive trip to the body shop this is white Chipex have come up with a solution that’s so revolutionary but also very simple and
effective to apply. It’s the new most advanced touch-up paint chip repair
system today, which you can use easily in the convenience of your own garage your
driveway. Just follow these three simple steps to making your car look remarkably
better. Step 1, apply the paint. Step 2, apply the blending solution. Step 3,
polish your car, the special paints will dry in one to two minutes. Our service
even offers a 100% colour match guarantee for your car. What are you waiting for?
Click on your cars colour with the drop down menu or into your color code and
you can join the big list of more than satisfied car owners like you. you