How to Custom Paint a Car : How to Unmask a Car After Painting

Hi I’m Doug. I work with 20 great guys in
St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods, and we’re going to do some work for you today
at Expert Village. Now it’s Christmas and we’re going to unwrap our present. All the
time spent, all the body work, all the cleaning, all the prep time, all the sanding, masking.
Now we pull it all apart and get to see a shiny car. Looking at a car at this point,
in it’s paint process is a little bit like waking someone up at 3:00 in the morning to
see how good looking they are. This is the worse the painted product will look. When
the car comes out of the booth, we’ll be color sanding and buffing it to get shine perfect.
So this is a pretty exciting time in the job, but it’s also a little bit discouraging cause
you can see all the dirt, if there’s runs they show, any imperfections at this point
they show. But we’ll knock them all out. He’s gathering up all the paper and heading to
the trashcan.