How to Custom Paint a Car : How to Paint a Car Trunk

Hi, I’m Doug, I work with twenty great guys
in St.Louis at Doug Jenkins’ custom Hot Rods, and we’re going to do some work today for
you on Expert Village. Okay, now the cars is out of the paint booth. Before we color
sand and buff it, Tony’s going to do the spatter finish in the trunk. He’s masking it all up
really carefully, and he’s just doing this with a spray can. It?s kind of an OE, or Original
Equipment look here that we go for in the trunk. It’s fine to do this after the car
is painted. This spray can material doesn’t stay wet in the air very far, so you can mask
it up pretty carefully and it looks pretty good when you?re done. He will be color sanding
and buffing the car later, the outsides of it, so any over spray he gets on it, any dirt
from this process you will be able to sand out of the finished paint. And you can make
your old trunk look new now.