How to Custom Paint a Car : How to Mix Sealer Before Painting a Car

Hi I’m Doug. I work with twenty great guys
in St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods, and we’re going to do some work for you today
on Expert Village. Alright, now Tony’s mixing the sealer. What you saw there in the booth,
all nice and sanded, we have a variety of things going on. We have some bare steel he’s
put etch primer on, we have a little bit of body filler that’s exposed, we have some primer
on there. There’s a real high-build polyester sealer you put down on top of that and it
just locks everything down and gives you one uniform surface for the paint to go on. If
you go paint on top of a variety of surfaces, it soaks in to the different surfaces at different
rates and it’ll give you different qualities of shine. So just like he did when he was
mixing the single stage earlier and when he was mixing the etch primer, he’s got a graduated
mixing stick here. This beaker that he’s mixing the sealer in right now has perfectly straight
sides; it’s not a tapered thing, so it is accurate to use a mixing stick like that.
And he’s got the right amount of sealer in there, he’s got the right amount of hardener,
and the right amount of reducer. And this is a good time to plug the product we use,
Spee’s Hecker. They have very few varieties of material. The primer is compatible with
the sealer which is compatible with the single stage paint. It has very few different types
of hardeners. There’s no additives, there’s no agent we add in to them. It’s all just
spray-able material. It makes for a very stable system to work with. He put the etch primer
on there and just as fast as you saw us go from one to the next, now he’s mixing the
sealer and he’ll go right back in there. There won’t be any chemical warfare going on. All
this stuff gets along real well. This has a reasonable pot life, but Tony’s going to
mix up two separate paint pots there so he doesn’t have to stop in the middle of his
job. He’ll have nice, wet sealer the whole time. It will lay out real shiny.