How to Custom Paint a Car : How to Mix a Base Coat for a Car

Hi, I’m Doug, I work with twenty great guys
in St. Louis, at Doug Jenkins’ custom Hot Rod, and we’re going to be doing some work
for you today at Expert Village. Okay, now Tony’s going to mix up some base coat. In
order to have a good slick paint job with minimal material build, minimal labor, he’s
sealed the car and all the pieces with the sealer. Now he’s going to lay down the base
coat over it. This is a step that some painters do and some don’t. Base coat dries really
fast, it gets along with our sealer well and it gets along with our single stage well.
Our single stage top coat comes out of the gun shiny. This comes out of the gun dull,
but it’s going to give us a good flat smooth surface, it’s really a tight porosity, and
you’ll get good shine out of the paint faster, with fewer coats. So Tony’s going to lay this
base coat down on top of the sealer, and it will give him a good visual, he will be able
to go around and touch up with sand paper any flaws in the job and it gives you a good
tight surface for when you put the single stage on top of it all.