How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy For Car Dealers in 2019 | Benny Mazzier

Do you want to increase sales profit and
customer retention? Then keep watching! 2019 is a challenging time in the
automotive industry, however challenging times do present
opportunities and auto manufacturers and dealerships alike are starting to
recognize this. A setback is just an opportunity for a comeback!
So, what’s the secret sauce? Digital Video! Video allows shoppers to compare their
options. Over half of auto shoppers say video help them learn more about the
vehicles that they were considering and 40% of them said it actually helped them
narrow down to which vehicle they were going to purchase. Using video on YouTube allows shoppers to do comparison, research, and experience a vehicle in new
more immersive ways. There’s also additional storage in the back rests on
both sides of the back seats. Now this is super cool, some genius at Chevrolet has
taken what we call dead space and transformed it into extra storage room
that some drivers and busy parents can only dream of.
As the auto industry continues to face headwinds, how dealers and automotive
groups spend their marketing dollars is more important now than ever. In the past
dealerships used to have to turn to different platforms for different
reasons, such as television for awareness or traditional automotive
websites to generate leads. But that’s simply not the case anymore.
Consumers are now discovering, engaging, acting, and contacting dealerships
through YouTube and through online video. Did you know auto related videos are the
fifth most popular category on YouTube? That makes sense. The sight, the sound,
the motion of a video allows shoppers to experience a product or service in
other ways that few other mediums can. Video get shoppers to the lot and also
into your showroom, but video doesn’t just facilitate discovery and
exploration. It also encourages people to act. In fact, sixty percent of people who
included video in their online research process reported visiting a dealerships
retail showroom or their lot after watching the video.
With the addition of our third child, my husband and I knew it was time to get a
bigger vehicle. We had heard a little bit about third row SUVs, but there’s just
not a lot of information. We had three kids in three car seats and we were just
not sure where it started. So we began with online research, but we
really needed to be there, to test drive, to get in, making sure all our seats were
gonna fit. I literally took a tape measure with me to the dealership along
with my car seats and I’m sure they thought I was crazy. YouTube is uniquely positioned to help
both dealers and consumers, connecting them and smarter more meaningful ways.
This presents a great opportunity for dealerships and automotive groups alike
to connect with consumers when and where they’re spending their time and when
they choose to engage. But most importantly it allows you to get better
results and increase your efficiency and alleviate the wasted marketing dollars
in your advertising campaigns. This is the perfect time to connect with auto
shoppers who are in the market for a vehicle, even those who aren’t
considering or have never heard of your dealership or your product. We are going
to take a look at the 2018 Ford f-150, this is the 4×4 super cab. Over 40% of
auto shoppers said that they saw a video about a vehicle that they had
never even heard about and we’re not even considering. Let’s check out the
interior of the Colorado and take it for a test drive. 80% of consumers will watch
a video versus only 20% of people will read content. Now, I’m not saying that our
audiences are lazy, but let’s think about that for a second.
It’s a lot more engaging and a lot more fun to watch a video and experience
someone, put a face with a name, than it is to read a blog or read a text post
things like that. If I just posted a picture of this Silverado, it probably
wouldn’t be as engaging or impactful as doing a video. Some of the challenges
that automotive groups and dealerships are facing right now is having a
competitive edge and differentiating themselves from the other dealerships
that are out there, being able to tell your story, being able to enhance your
brand, being able to show your differentiators. Why you’re different,
why people should come buy from you, why people should at least give you a shot
when they’re in the consideration or the research process. What would you say to
somebody that’s never visited a Jim Trenary location? I think you’re gonna get a
different experience from what you’re used to. Most people walk in to the
dealership scared. It’s just that’s what it is you know? They have this
feeling that they’re gonna be beat up. You know basically when they buy a car
and the the typical car salesperson you know? And we get a bad rap, us and
attorneys. Basically there’s a reason there’s a stereotype out there because
it exists! I know, he wants to sell you a car and then he’s pushing
you out the door and he’s giving you the keys and he’s on to the next one. People
like that don’t stay in the Jim Trenary organization. They don’t work because
that’s not the way we work. YouTube and digital video is the future of
automotive marketing. For anybody out there that’s not familiar with video or
hasn’t been able to experience success from doing video marketing on YouTube, I
want you to think about video as television. Back in the day the market
was dominated by radio and newspaper so you got to actually see and you actually
got to hear about a brand and about a story, things like that. Once TV
came out, it changed the entire ecosystem. It wasn’t complex anymore. You got to see
it, you got to hear it, you got to feel it, you got to understand the emotion. You
really got to put a face with a name. When you walked into a dealership after
seeing a TV commercial, you probably saw the dealer principal or the GM or some
sales people that were in the commercial inside of the showroom, and it gave you a
very comfortable feeling like you had been there before. Buy with no money down and
make no payments till spring! Because you had already seen them, you had already
seen their face, you had already seen them speak, you had already heard their
voice, you already know in your mind, and you have a preconceived notion about
that individual or about that brand. Some of you right now watching this video
might feel some sort of connection with me. You might identify with me in a
certain way, you might think that we share interests, you might find me
intriguing, you might find me annoying, you might not like this video, you might
like this video. But that’s the opportunity that you have to connect
with your audience just like I’m connecting with you! If you found this
video useful and informative, please leave your thoughts and feedback in the
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