How To Clean Wheels & Undercarriage! – Chemical Guys | Jeep Gladiator Part:1 |

– What’s up guys? And welcome back to The Detail Garage. You’ve got Joseph here, along
with my trusty and good friend Henry right over there, and
we have a special guest today which is going to be Taylor from KC Lights with their beautiful, brand-new shop build which, it’s a Jeep Gladiator, right? – That’s right, yeah. It’s a 2020 Jeep Gladiator. – Very nice. So what can you tell us about this beautiful project
you guys are working on? – You know, so we just
picked it up from Jeep, we just bought it at the dealership, and this Jeep is going
to be our off-road rig. So we’re going to take this
to all over the country, we’re going to go on a
bunch of different trails, we’re going to take it to shows. We need it to look good,
but we also need it to perform well too. – Very nice. And I saw, because you guys specialize in lighting, so I could see right here
you guys have done stuff with the lights already, right? – Yeah, exactly. So we’ve done a bunch of headlights, we’ve done a bunch of fog
lights, all kinds of stuff, so this is just the beginning of the build that we’re working on. – That’s what we love to hear. So now, pairing up with us
here at The Detail Garage, we’re going to go ahead and dive on in, and Henry, I know you’ve
got some plans, right? To go ahead and get into this? – Right. – All right. So what I’m going to go ahead and do, is I’m going to go ahead
and bow out right now, go ahead and get back into
the garage, do my thing, and excited to see what Henry
has in store for Taylor next. All right? – Awesome, thank you. – For sure, you got it. No problem. (distorted music) – All right, so Taylor. Now that Joseph went into the
shop, we’re going to go over exactly what we’re going to
be doing to your Jeep, right? So as of just seeing the
Jeep, from the beginning, I see that your tire… like, nasty brown. When was the last time
you cleaned your tires? – Oh man, it’s been a few weeks. You know, we’ve hit a
ton of highway miles, and we’ve also taken it on a
few off-road trips since then. So we’ve gone out and done
a ton of different stuff, so it’s super dirty under there. – Super dirty, yeah. So I also was seeing your undercarriage, that explains why your
undercarriage is also filthy, right? – Yeah. – Because you go off-roading a lot. – Oh, exactly, yeah. – I actually was walking back
and I’ve seen that your cab, or your trunk, has a lot of dirt. – [Taylor] Oh yeah, the
bed is full of dust, leaves, all of it. – [Henry] Where’d you
actually go off-roading again? – [Taylor] So we went
down to San Diego Valley, the Moon Trail. We had a great time actually yesterday, so today is fresh off the trail. – [Henry] Nice. – [Taylor] Underneath it’s
all bruised, scraped up, tires and everything super dirty. – [Henry] So where are you guys located? – [Taylor] Oh, so we’re located, our headquarters are in
Northern Arizona, in Williams, but we also have a corporate
office here in Gardena. – [Henry] So did you drive
from here to San Diego? – [Taylor] I drove from Northern Arizona, to San Diego, then up to here to L.A. – [Henry] So that must explain all the bugs you have in the front. – [Taylor] Exactly. – [Henry] I see you have a
lot of bugs, they cater on, it’s very difficult to remove them, also if you don’t remove them right away, it etches into your paint. – [Taylor] Oh wow. – [Henry] Even leaves
like, little spots behind. Which will be a little
bit harder to remove. So the faster you remove
them, the easier it will be. So we’ll be taking care of your plastics, we’ll be taking care of your
undercarriage, your wheels, and just remove all the grime. So we’ll walk over here, we already have our buckets set up. – [Taylor] Perfect. – We have different types of
brushes, we have right here, we’re going to be using
our Diablo wheel gel, so Diablo wheel gel, you can take a seat. Diablo wheel gel is a very gentle gel, so it works on all types
of wheels except matte. If you do have a matte wheel, we recommend you use Meticulous Matte, but in this occasion
it’ll be perfectly fine. So what you want to do is use
about an ounce of Diablo gel in your bucket, so a good squirt. I also have diluted our Ducky Foamer, so whenever you spray it, it foams up. – Oh cool. – All right, cool? So that’s the special top. We also have different types of brushes, so before that, let me just
get my pressure washer, we’ll go ahead and rinse
it down, and get started. All right Taylor, to
begin your wheel cleaning and your undercarriage cleaning we’re going to have to
start rinsing it off, just so we can knock out
the loose grime and debris, so let me just get started. – Perfect. – So just by doing that, I
went ahead and knocked down the loose grime and debris,
but let’s just make sure your undercarriage is still clean. So we’re going to be using
our Diablo wheel gel. Diablo wheel gel, like I already told you, it’s a very gentle gel, you
can also use this on your body, your undercarriage components. If your undercarriage is
like super, super filthy, we recommend using Orange
degreaser so you can degrease it. – Got it. – A lot better. So before that, go ahead
and start spraying it down. – Okay, so spray it in
and then scrub it down? – You’ll first, yeah exactly. So what Diablo gel is going to be doing, is going to be grabbing onto
the dirt, pulling it off, and have less of a hassle we have
to wire clean with a brush. – Got it, okay cool. – So just spray it on there, and the reason I like
using Diablo gel is because Diablo gel foams up, and I
love that foaming action, more lubrication. You also want to spray onto your brush. – Oh, okay. – And I’m going to be doing 50/50. I’ll be doing a 50 part, and
you’ll be doing the other side. So go ahead and scrub it back and forth, and whenever you start
scrubbing it back and forth, if you do need to, go
back to your bucket and just rinse off your brush. At the bottom of the bucket
we do have a dirt trap, which will be catching
all the dirt and the grime so you won’t be rubbing it. – Do we need to respray the brush? – I would recommend it. – Got it. – Here you go, I’ll spray
your brush if you want, and just go ahead and start scrubbing. So what Taylor is doing,
he’s scrubbing it all down. It’s going to be removing all
the loose grime and debris, and all that nasty filth. The cool thing I like about
the long-handled brush, it’s very easy to reach and
it’s very very easy to clean. The flat-tip brush,
whenever you press on it, the bristles open up a lot
more and it helps remove dirt a lot easier. You could also get the
components down there, like the suspension. You like off-roading, Taylor? – Oh, I love going out. Yeah, that’s one of the
big benefits of my job is that I get to go do something I love, and get paid to do it. – That’s awesome. If we could just get this
bottom part down here. – Okay, go ahead and spray it. – Right there. Just make sure we get everything. – Yep. – So as of right now, we
won’t have to rinse it down, especially since we’re
using filtered water. It won’t spot up on us,
especially because we’re having very very nice weather out,
it won’t dry up on you. – Got it, okay. – So we’ll go ahead… oh,
that was kind of awkward. – No, it’s all good. – So after you finish
cleaning the undercarriage, we’ll move on to your wheel. We’re going to start
off cleaning the wheel, because the wheel is going
to be the dirtiest part, and we always want to
start from top to bottom so you won’t be working double. – And it’s okay to get into
the frame and the shocks – Yeah, it’ll be fine. – And everything under here with this? – Because after this we’re
going to be dressing up it using a dressing called Bare Bones, to make your plastic,
all your undercarriage, look nice and look new again. – Got it, awesome. All right, I think we’re
pretty close on that. – All right. Any more spots that you missed? Or you basically got everything? – I think it’s good. – All right, so now we’re
going to go ahead and move on to clean your tire. Same exact thing, we’ll
grab our Diablo wheel gel, I’ll spray my side and then
you can spray your side. Spray my Diablo, I’ll
grab my Blue Stiffy brush, so this brush is very stiff. You never want to use it
on the face of the wheel, because you’ll scratch it. – Got it. – So you’ll spray onto the brush, and then just start scrubbing it out. So what this does, it
removes the old dressing you might have on here, and
it’ll allow the new dressing to actually stick on correctly. Then just get a little
bit more on my side. – Looks better already. – Yeah. If this plastic does hit your wheel, it won’t damage your
wheel, it won’t scratch it. – Cool. – The plastic actually takes
the hit more than the wheel. – Got it. – Here you go. – So we just don’t want to
be using it on the wheel if we can avoid it. – Yeah exactly, not at all. – Got it. Now is it better to start from the top and work your way down on these? – We always recommend
starting from the top, because our reason why is, if you start down here, say for example, and you start going up,
you’ll be working double. – Right. – All the grime and debris from the top is going to be falling down– – Got it. – You’d still have to clean the bottom. You might ask, “Why do we
start off with the wheels first instead of the body?” The reason why we start
off with the wheels first, instead of the body, is because the wheels are always the dirtiest area. Especially since you go off-roading a lot. We don’t want to be knocking
down all the grime and debris to your wheels and then have to re-wet it. And then your frame is
going to get wet again, it’s going to be double the work. – Got it. All right, how does that look? – All right, that looks great. So now we’re going to move
on to the face of the wheel. So there’s different types of brushes that we’re going to be using
for the face of the wheel, and for the barrel. So same exact thing,
we’ll grab our Diablo, spray it down, and then… so this one is a barrel brush. All right, so we’re
going to spray it down, spray some Diablo gel onto our brushes. The reason why I love spraying
Diablo gel onto our brushes is for more lubrication. You don’t want to go in there dry. So just start out at the
top, just massage it, and you might say, “What happens
if this hits at the end?” But there’s a rubber tip. – Oh nice, okay. – So if it hits the
back, won’t scratch it. – Perfect, everything’s protected, cool. – I’ll do my side, and then
I’ll pass it over to your side. And if you do need Diablo
gel as you go, Taylor, just feel free to use it. – Sure. Same thing, we can rinse as
needed, get the dirt out? – Yeah, so I’ll go ahead
and rinse it for you. – Perfect. – And here you go. Awesome. Did you always own Jeeps? Or is this one of your very first Jeeps? – You know, this is not
the first Jeep we’ve had as a company, but it’s the one
that we’ve had most recently and normally I’m a Toyota guy. So I own a Tacoma. – Tacoma. – But this thing has very
quickly transformed me into a Jeep fan, so I love it so far. – That’s awesome. – It’s been great taking
it out off-roading and seeing how capable it is. It’s been really fun. – How’s the suspension on it? Good? – It’s pretty good. Of course, it’s not big
enough for what we want, we want to hit some pretty
hard trails with it, so we’re going to end up building it up, doing bigger suspension,
bigger tires on it, kind of the whole nine yards. But it’s great for kind
of the moderate trails that we’ve been doing now. – Nice. So you just went ahead and touched that, we actually have a different
brush for that set. – Got it, so we’re done with this one? – Yeah, you can put that one away. So now, to clean the face of the wheel, it’s going to be the green flat-tip brush. The same exact thing as this
one, except just smaller. – Just shorter, cool. – So this one is self-explanatory, just go ahead and spray
onto the base of the brush, spray some more Diablo gel
onto the face of the wheel, and just scrub out the wheel. There you go, start from top to bottom, make your job a lot easier. And then after we’re
done cleaning the wheel, we’re actually going to rinse it down and we’re going to inspect our work, just to make sure everything’s clean. Like the tire, or even
just the wheel itself, and see how everything went. So now that we finished
cleaning the face of the wheel, we’re actually going to
move onto our Gold brush, to clean the lug nuts. We’ll spray the brush onto the brush, and then you’ll just start
going into the lug nuts. A lot of people forget to
clean up their lug nuts, and whenever you’re at a car
show or even you’re at… You’re just off-roading,
whenever you pull up you always want to look fresh as you can. – It’s all about the
fine details, for sure. – So you’re going to go
ahead and start cleaning, you’re actually missing
these three lug nuts. So how often do you go off-roading? – You know, it just kind
of depends on the month. In the summer months,
I live out in Arizona, so it’s a little bit harder to get out unless I’m in Northern Arizona. So I like to get out at
least once or twice a month. – Nice. – With this thing, we’re going to be out a little bit more than that. Between going to shows and
trying to keep it clean and hitting the trails
right after the shows so, it’s going to end up being a
couple times a month for sure. – Nice. So let’s go ahead and rinse it all down, just check our work. – Perfect. – Hit it, Tony. All right, Taylor. So what do you think
about this job right here? – I think it looks great, yeah. It’s super nice, super clean. – So your undercarriage is now clean, your tire is now clean,
your wheel is now clean. So now we’re going to go ahead and tackle the rest of the wheels, and then we’re going to move
onto the body of the car. – Awesome, let’s do it. (electronic music) – All right guys, so in this video I showed Taylor how to
clean his undercarriage, wheels, and tires properly. How do you feel? – I feel great about it. So far, it was a great first step to get this thing cleaned up. – That’s awesome. So in the next video, I’ll
be showing you how to clean your exterior of this beautiful Gladiator. – Awesome, let’s do it. – Are you ready? All right guys, stay tuned. (ambient music)