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(Electronic music) – What’s going on Chemical Guys family, thanks so much for turning
in for today’s episode. On this BMW, I’m gonna be
showing you guys a common problem that all of us have to deal with and that is stubborn staining. Now the owner of this
car just picked this up and we’re not really sure
what happened to the vehicle before he got it but its got
some staining in the carpet and since it’s a lighter interior, it shows any kind of
those deep stubborn stains so what we’re gonna do
is break down the process of one, how to detect what to use or how to determine what to use and also the steps of what to
do and how to do it properly. So let’s get started. So now first, let’s take
a look at the stains that we’re gonna be working with today. As I mentioned, this car
has very light interior and we’re not really sure what stain the driver’s floor pan
here but it could have been a spill from a drink or
maybe something that was (laughs) So as I mentioned, this is
where the stains were at. We’re not really sure what
happened to the vehicle before but obviously something
spilled on the carpet and since it’s a lighter
complexion and a lighter texture it’s gonna show you any
kind of those deep stains. So what we’re gonna start
by doing is showing you guys the products we’re gonna be using today. And I’ve decided to go with Lightning Fast which is one of my
favorite interior cleaners because this gently lifts up any of those deep stubborn stains. You can use it at full strength for those really heavy staining or
any kind of lingering odors or dilute it ten to one for
your mostly moderate jobs or twenty to one for
some lighter cleaning. But for today we’re using it at ten to one which means it’s ten parts
water to one part product. And what we’ll do is we’ll
just start by spraying it on to the surface, we
can do it on the carpet, you can use it on fabric
or vinyl pieces as well. (bottle spritzing) And we’ll give that a
moment to just penetrate and also dwell for a moment. This way it’ll lift up the staining because as you see it’s some pretty bad grease maybe possibly some soda or coffee stains. And like I said you can also
use it on plastic and vinyls so there’s some spills here. This is an area where, as you’re
driving and you’re eating, you’ll drop food in here
or you’ll spill drinks and then it gets stuck in
the crevice between the seat or it’ll get on the console and this will stain very badly as well. So you can use Lightning Fast on a variety of different surfaces. Again on your fabric surface obviously, you can use it on plastics, rubber. So now that that’s had a
chance to actually penetrate the surface, we’re gonna grab our brush. And we’ll be using a nifty brush which has a very mild, plastic bristle. And what I like to do
is I’ll wrap it around a clean micro paper towel or wrap a clean micro
paper towel around it. I’ll just spray a little
bit of extra Lightning Fast (bottle spritzing)
on to that as well. And we’ll gently start scrubbing. And the reason for this is
one, the towel gives you more of a, not necessarily
abrasive, but it gives you a stronger clean and also you can see
what you’re pulling off of the surface. (scrubbing) – [Narrator] But you can
see that foaming action. This is what’s lifting up the gross stuff that’s in the carpet, you
can see that nastiness that’s already on the
towel so we’ll flip it over to a cleaner side. But you can just see the dirt
that comes off the carpet and I will mention that
we already vacuumed it so that removes the loose stuff but what we’re trying to focus on today is just getting rid of
the deep stains but as already just from doing
that light scrubbing, basically brought back
the look and that luster of a, you know, a new
newer car where it has very bright and vibrant finish
to it so upholstery. Well we can use the
same process on any kind of other fabric or if
you’re working on some really deep stains or
let’s say you have to cover an entire carpet or an
entire upholstery set, what you can also use is a drill with a light-duty bristle brush and you’ll do the same
process where you’ll spray the cleaner onto the brush (bottle spritzing)
and onto whatever surface that you’re working on. Just a very quick way to get through those tough jobs or the bigger jobs since you don’t wanna necessarily
sit all day scrubbing on so this does most of the work for you. What you wanna keep in mind is obviously you don’t wanna apply a lot of pressure because that can also harm the fabric or it’ll lift it up in a weird way but this is a great way
to revive matted fibers or again those really deep stains that get kind of nasty odors. What we’ll do is we’ll just
slowly work it into the carpet and again let that foaming
action do all the work and this will pull off
and penetrate the surface to get rid of any kind of those stains. (high-pitched drilling) So just like if you were
polishing you wanna make sure that the machine is constantly moving because again, it’s
just like a rotary where it’s gonna build up a
lot of heat in one area. So if it sits that’s obviously a bad idea ’cause it could damage
the fibers of your carpet or your upholstery. (scrubbing) Wipe away, you can also blot
away (inaudible) product I left a little section
here just to show you guys what we’re actually removing. So you can see here nice and clean, this is removing any of
those nasty odors and stains but down here you still
see that brown or grease, whatever could have
been left on the surface because again, your floor
is subject to things that are obviously off of the ground, it gets on your shoe
and it gets on your car and then just stains really badly. The Lightning Fast does a really good job at removing stains from
all over the vehicle whether it’s on your steering wheel or contact surfaces
such as your door handle because all these things get really dirty and in today’s day and age,
especially with everything that’s going on, you wanna
make sure that your car is as clean as possible because
a cleaner surface makes it more noticeable when
you’re tracking any dirt or any kind of grease
so it’s best to clean it as often as necessary and
also put a protectant on there which is gonna make it harder for new dirt or any kind of grease to stick to. So like when this dries
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna apply a fabric guard and this is gonna repel any kind of spills or staining and it also helps to let the fibers kind of rejuvenate. This way they’re not getting crushed or staining overtime. So guys I’m gonna continue
the same process on the rest of the vehicle but we
wanted to show you guys just the easiest way to remove
deep stubborn staining or any kind of messes
without using a extractor and just a couple products and again you can use this
on any kind of vinyl, rubber, plastic, fabric surfaces
of any color, any design and it’s just a great way to revive it and make it look as best
for as long as possible. So if you guys liked today’s
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