How To CLEAN NASTY Car Seats The Right Way

welcome back to stop for garage today I’m going to show you how to clean your cloth interior car seats as you can see I have two car seats here for my Civic that are the stock DX EADS the one on the left definitely showing signs of where a lot of dirt and grime especially on the bolsters you can see them there up above on the right side and left side both definitely needs them clean it up and here’s the end result the seats turned out awesome just by using the simple methods so be sure to follow along and if you haven’t hit subscribe hit subscribe below and turn on notifications so that way you know when any of my new videos come out and guys leave a comment below of what you want to see me detail next the method I’ll be showing you today is using a standard off-the-shelf carpet cleaner that I picked up at Home Depot for about a hundred and fifty bucks it comes with a bagged attachment for a smaller wand specifically for upholstery and then I picked up some of the Zep premium carpet shampoo concentrate which has a good smell clean stains and is definitely something that is up to the job one of the biggest things to keep in mind is you definitely don’t want to over saturate the carpet because you will have to let it dry so make sure it’s a sunny day so you can let it sit out one thing that you have to do first is make sure you vacuum the car seats to give it any dirt out of it before you start scrubbing because all you’re going to do is scrub that dirt in and you want to extract it you guys can see here how it has all of these little areas where it’s scuffed and if you’re doing leather or any cloth seen in general these little burrs right here gonna allow you to scratch or rip out threads or damage your seats one thing you can do to get rid of those is either scratching on the concrete itself or take an exacto blade and run it around the edge just to remove any of those high spots while vacuuming one thing to keep in mind especially throughout this whole process is that depending on which direction you vacuum or if it’s forward back left or right you will leave lines on the fabric so don’t let that deceive you when you’re working through the carpet cleaning process because it will make it look like there is dirt in certain areas when it’s not just press it over with your hand to move it around if you need to and double check I know some of you are thinking why am I using just a standard carpet cleaner but to be honest it actually works really really well for this sort of job and you can use it around your house but if you guys are interested in something more something more professional and you do have a detailing business or you just want to spend the extra money by all means there’s plenty of options out there that are much more capable and rugged than a standard off-the-shelf carpet cleaner but if you’re doing this every once in a while this is a perfect alternative for this specific cleaning solution I’m using five ounces of the concentrate in one gallon of hot water one thing I always recommend is if you can get hot water always use hot water because it will always clean better in a carpet cleaner such as this I’m going to fill this up and then we’re going to start extracting [Music] you guys see how much dirt is getting pulled out there like that’s almost honestly disgusting that it’s doing that but you guys will have to wait to the very end to see what the water looks like that I poured out of this thing it was truly unreal you can already see even after just one pass of the seats you can tell a difference between where I’m vacuuming and on the left side where it’s dirty how much dirt and how much cleaner the seat heart is [Music] as your cleanings he just take your time go slow allow the extractor to pull out as much water as possible and use bristles on the brush to agitate the fabric if you have a separate handled bristle you could always use that too after one pass just to work the fabric even more but typically this will usually get the job done worst case is you can go through two to three time passes if you need to on a specific area and spot clean but for the most part one to two passes is all the secretly news [Music] at this point you can probably tell I try to work in different sections on the seat where the seat fabric lines have already separated each individual piece so that way you don’t forget what the pieces you work but also you can see where your progress is going and how much the part is already cleaned if you just do it all once you’re gonna lose track and then also you’re not going to make sure it’s as clean as it possibly can be [Music] because this is the seat bottom remember that majority of the dirt is always going to be on this area so for my particular case I probably did three or four passes on this area just to make sure I got all the dirt out and you’ll still see that even after all this time I am still pulling out a ton of dirt it’s actually rather crazy to think about [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now that way on this seat all clean to highly recommend just letting it sit out in the Sun longer because the extractor did a pretty good job or a shot back would but at the same time you still have some dampness that you want to dry out so the Sun is a perfect thing to do or if you don’t have an opportunity that if you just let it sit for 24 hours it’ll probably dry outside or inside your garage but yeah one thing to keep in mind guys if you can’t buy an extractor or any carpet machine at like Meijer or Home Depot or wherever you guys have a store that has in Walmart any place rent some and they usually come with an attachment as well so you could rent one for 50 bucks an hour whatever ends up being for you guys [Music] and here’s the end result if you guys liked today’s video please be sure to give it a thumbs up and leave a comment below on what video would like to see next and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and turn on notifications so you know when my next detailing video comes out thanks guys [Music]