How to Clean & Dress Car Wheel Wells : Meguiars Super Degreaser & All Season Dressing

hello guys, today I’m gonna show you
how to clean a very dirty wheel wells using meguiars super degreaser and dressing it
using meguiars all season dressing. in this bottle I use meguiars super degreaser
diluted at 4:1 4 parts of water and 1 part of degreaser this is toxic to your health so don’t breath it in
and use hand gloves if you have a sensitive skin let it dwell a minute or two rinse with pressure washer now most of the dirt are rinsed away spray again and brush it you can use tire brush toothbrush wheel brush or paint brush but what I find best is tire brush
and paint brush. and you don’t really need
to put much pressure on the brush as its name, it’s a degreaser.. so all you need to do is
spread the product deep into the dirt if the foam is so brown like this
rinse again, and repeat the process until the foam is almost white
that’s when you know it’s clean after it’s dry you can apply
tire or trim dressing this is meguiars all season dressing you can apply it with applicator pad
or paint brush or anything you like I hope you guys find this video helpful
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