How To Clean Buffing Pads – Chemical Guys Pad Cleaning Brush

Introducing the brand new Pad Cleaning Brush from Chemical Guys. As you polish any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV with a machine polisher, your pads begin to fill up with spent polish, removed paint residue, and any contamination or debris that was stuck in the paintwork. If you don’t take this out after working a panel or two, the pad begins to lose its ability to cut and polish. So you’ll spend more time polishing and more and more product to get less and less results. You can use the Pad Cleaning Brush to clean any foam, microfiber, or wool pads to restore their look, feel, and cut. The brush is made out of durable injection-molded plastic. The handle and bristles will last for years of detailing use and abuse on any polishing job. The handle is ergonomic, fits right to the hand, and makes it easy to clean any pad by hand or machine. The Pad Cleaning Brush makes it easy to clean and restore any polishing pad to its original look, feel, and cutting ability. If you want to learn more about the Polishing Pad Brush, or any fine detailing products we offer, you can check them out on our website, the link is right below. If you want to learn more about how to detail any part of your vehicle, subscribe to our YouTube channel! We have over 600 videos showing you how to detail just about anything. You’ve got a nice car, let’s keep it clean with
Chemical Guys!