How To Clay Bar And Decontaminate Your Paint

Hey, James with Detailed Image. You would think after a wash your paint is
completely clean, but it can be riddled with contaminants like iron deposits and tar. Today I want to show you how to clay and decontaminate your paint. After the wash, while the paint is still wet,
let’s start with removing some iron. Go ahead and spray that iron remover directly
on a cool wet panel and let it sit for 2-4 minutes. As it sits on the paint, you’re gonna notice
a dramatic chemical reaction in the way of a color change. Then you want to work the product in with
a clean microfiber towel and then rinse it away. The next step in the decontamination process
is the clay bar treatment. A clay bar removes heavily bonded contaminants
and restores the paint to a smooth texture. Spray the clay lubricant directly on the panel
and gently glide that clay across the surface. Work in small sections, folding that clay
often to expose a clean side. And once you have completed, you want to heavily
rinse down your paint with water.