How to Choose The Right Primer & When To Use Each Type of Paint – Kevin Tetz at Eastwood

hey guys we’ve had a lot of calls and a
lot of questions wondering what type of primer to use on
what substrate or what particular aspect of your project so we’ve got some
products out here I wanted to walk you through the basic
uses of these products now the first thing i want to talk about
is an epoxy primer epoxy is a great metal coating for instance is something
that you would use after media blasting a vehicle or if you’ve got bear exposed
steel you want to put some epoxy on it to protect the metal and it also serves
as a ground code for your fillers down the road and this is not designed to be
stacked up and blocked like your primer surfacer it’s a metal coating it’s a
primer it’s a great product but it’s not
necessarily made to be sanded it’s made to have other coatings and other systems
put on top of it it also acts well as a sealer now
yourself etching primer is also a DTM primer meaning its direct to metal and
it serves as a great ground code for your high build or your sanding primers
and it’s 50-state legal this video c compliant in California it’s also a very good coating and it’s
very versatile now for sanding for blocking for creating that really
straight panel you want a high build primer surfacer surfacer means that is
designed to be stacked up and block down and that process repeated until you’re
satisfied with the quality of the panel that you’ve resurfaced or recreated in
the 2k is catalyzed urethane is going to lock in its very high build and it
adheres to many many different substrates it’s a very versatile product
but the one the Mac Daddy that I’m really fond up is the contour polyester
primer surfacer this stuff has almost no solvent in it it’s great its tax really
really thick and you can block the heck out of it you can really go for that
laser straight panel that you want to recreate it’s what I use on my show cars
and it’s a really nice product and its ends well it bonds to almost any substrate
fiberglass stainless steel steel and it’s a very versatile product with the
bonus of being able to be top coded as well so I hope that helps you choose the
primer that you need for whatever stage your project is in and keep in mind you
can get all the tech support and help that you need by logging onto yeah yeah