How to Check Car Fluids : How to Check Engine Oil Level

Hi! This is John from In
this video clip, I will be showing you how to check your engine oil level. When you take
a look at your engine in locating the engine oil dipstick, typically what I like to do
is take the center of the engine and look straight down and there will be a couple of
different ones that I see here. The engine oil one a lot of times is yellow or it will
say engine oil on it and you can go ahead and just pull that out. As you take a look
at how much oil you have, you will notice that there is a full mark and on this dipstick
there is a cross-hatch pattern with another mark at the end. My oil level shows me that
it is about half-way between the cross-hatch pattern, which means I am a little bit low
on oil so I probably want to put in about a half a quart, test it again and if it is
still a little bit low, I can put the remaining amount of the quart in. You want to make sure
never to exceed that full line though.