How to Charge a Car Battery

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how you can
maintain your vehicle’s battery so it lasts for years and doesn’t wear out
prematurely, now this video is sponsored by battery tender but as you can see on
my wall here, I’ve been using battery tender products for years and they work
great now, when you open the box of this new one, you can see it’s a bit more
complex than my older ones are, it’s programmable so it works perfect for
your exact battery to keep it lasting for years and years even if you don’t
use it much, now realize if you have a regular car or vehicle you use everyday
the alternator charges the battery you start to Car up,
it uses some of the power the alternator recharges it you don’t need to do
anything if you use it every day, but if you’re like me you probably got
things you don’t use all that much like my motorcycle that I toy around with
every once in a while and nothing is more annoying than pushing your Start
button and the vehicle doesn’t start, so you want to maintain these batteries,
I’ve been using this old-style battery tender for years on my motorcycles I
used to get only about 6 months out of a battery before it would go bad, now they can
last 3, 4, even 5 years if I keep them maintained, you have to realize that if
batteries just sit there and aren’t being used they go bad on their own
they’ll sulfate inside the charge will get weak just sitting there so you need
to maintain a battery that you don’t use that much, it’s really important to
maintain them on motorcycles, boats, RVs or if you’ve got a classic car in the
garage that you don’t use that much, now it’s simple to setup you just plug it
into a household plug, then select what you have, in this case we select 12 volts
and it’s an AGM flooded battery it’s got battery acid in it, if it was one of the
modern lithium batteries you’d put it on the lithium and if the battery is in a
readily accessible place you put the positive cable on the positive terminal
and a negative on the negative and now it shows it’s charging when it’s done
it’ll show that it’s fully charged and if
have a vehicle like my Triumph motorcycle where the batteries hiding
inside the seat you don’t want have to take it apart to charge it, the kit comes
with a cool adapter that just bolts on to the battery, so the battery is hiding
in here but you got the nice little charging wire coming out right here, so
you can plug it in here and charge it just have a little electrical tie
holding the place, then on your battery tender unit, you just unplug the cables
and plug this end into the motorcycle take the protective cap off then plug it
in and since my motorcycle is a lithium battery, we’ll switch it down to lithium,
that simple now it’s charging up, which doesn’t surprise me because it’s been
raining for weeks and weeks on end and I haven’t been able to ride around without
getting soaked so I’ve left it in the garage so it stays nice and shiny and
now comes the moment of truth you push the button, starts right up, even though
it’s been sitting for about a couple of months just resting and since the
battery tender has a smart charger, it uses microprocessor it will not
overcharge and ruin batteries it just gets them where they’re supposed to be
then it stops and then when it needs more adds a little bit more it’s a great
device, so now you know how to triumph over dead batteries and remember if you
have any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel