How to Change a Tire: A Step-by-Step Guide—

the average American will experience
five flat tires over the course of their motoring lifetime a one in five American
drivers doesn’t even know how to change a tire but don’t worry I got you the
three essential things you’ll need are a jack
a lug wrench and of course a spare tire you’re also going to want to pull out
your owner’s manual we’re going to show you our best
practices but there’s no substitute for your automakers recommendations once you
detect the flat turn on your emergency flashers slow down and find a safe level
place to stop put your parking brake on to prevent a
roll away and have passengers exit now remove your hubcaps if you have them
using a flat headed tool this may require a special tool so consult your
owners manual to be sure loosen the lug nuts or bolts before jacking up the car
give it all you’ve got to break the lugs loose but don’t loosen them much just
enough so you can take it easy once your car is on the jack there are different
kinds of Jack’s stored in different places and different kinds of cars so
again familiarize yourself with your manual in advance place the jack on your
manuals recommended Jack point often marked the jack point will be a flat
metal area of the cars frame near the flat tire not the body which won’t
likely support the cars weight jack up the car just enough to let you altima
tied the tire off and keep all body parts out from underneath the car while
it’s jacked up finish loosening the lugs and keep them in a safe place
pull the flat tire off and replace it with your spare likely it will be a
smaller temporary tire or a donut hand tighten the lugs then give them a
quarter turn with the wrench while the car is still jacked now lower the car
slowly until the jack slides easily out and finish tightening the lugs in a star
pattern don’t try to be Thor here just tighten
the lugs so that they feel equally snug and require some elbow grease to break
loose again and boom you’re back on your way one more important thing to bear in
mind that temporary spare is just that temporary most Donuts aren’t meant to be
driven more than around 50 miles per hour or a hundred miles in distance so
donut procrastinate get it patched or placed ASAP you