How to: Car Repair : How the Pros Repair a Car Paint Job

Hi, here we are again in the paint department
at Lou Ehler’s Body Shop and this is their down dry spray booth. To one of two they have,
they use daily painting many, many cars every week. The way that this particular booth works;
the air comes in the top, enters the booth from the top and is drawn downward so that
all of the excess paint material that is floating in the atmosphere inside the booth is taken
down into filters and is captured so that it’s not taken up into the atmosphere that
we breathe every day. Here we are inside the spray booth; this vehicle is prepared for
shoot. Like I said you don’t want to touch it. As you can tell all of the primer has
been in this area of repair and they’re going to blend colors both directions. That way
they’ll bring the color just a little bit into this door and fade it out gradually that
way there is not a stark break of color, it’s blended in. Then once all the color is on,
that’s your first coat, they’re going to let it set for about 15 minutes, then they’re
going to come and they’re going to clear all of this other area. Everything that you see
that’s unmasked will be cleared with a clear coat. And that will give it that deep luster
and the color will blend in, it’ll match perfectly. So let’s take a look at the painting.