How To Apply Paint Sealant – TORQ22D – Chemical Guys

Now we’re gonna show you how to apply JetSeal: The ultimate paint protection with a machine polisher. This will work with all dual action polishers, and we’re working with the TORQ 22D large throw dual action polisher. This is a great way to spread the sealant and get perfect results. The cool thing about using a dual action polisher is you’ll use less product and get an even spread. To apply JetSeal, you want to use the proper pad. We’ll be working with Chemical Guys Hex Logic Red Perfection Pad. This is an ultra-soft foam for an even spread with sealant. Take your Red Hex Logic Pad, and place it on your machine backing plate. Give your JetSeal a good shake, and put 5 dots right on the pad. That’s just enough to get us started and this will cover a good portion of the front of the vehicle. Go ahead and turn your machine on and place the JetSeal over the surface you’ll be working on. We’re gonna cover half the hood, headlight, and windshield. Now that we have it spread out, we’re gonna give it a nice even coat, so take your machine and turn it on speed setting 1 or 2 to give it the perfect spread. The TORQ 22D comes from the factory with a 6-inch backing plate. For this job, since we’re working on a smaller vehicle, we installed the optional 5-inch backing plate for improved control on smaller detailing areas. Now that we’ve got a nice, even layer of JetSeal all over the vehicle, we’re gonna let it dry for 20 minutes. The cool thing about the machine is it gives a nice even spread using no extra product. You can get more uses out of a single bottle of JetSeal. We’ll let this dry and come back to show you the awesome results! So it’s been 20 minutes and we’re ready to remove our JetSeal. Go ahead and grab your favorite microfiber towel and buff off the JetSeal. The best thing about using a machine is it always places a nice even coat, so JetSeal removes faster and easier than applying by hand. Any time I can a machine to apply JetSeal, I like to because it gives faster and easier results and it uses less product! No I’ll move over to the windshield… and now we have a full 12 months of protection on the front of this car. So this vehicle can go anywhere, any time, and always stay protected no matter what weather conditions are. Hopefull you liked this video! If you want to pick up everything we used, including JetSeal: The Ultimate Sealant, the TORQ 22D dual action polisher, and any of the awesome accessories like microfiber towels, applicator pads, check out our website: I’ll place a link right below where you can pick up all the products you need to handle any job. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up! And be sure to click that Subscribe button to check out the other 700 videos we have on our channel showing all the detailing tips and tricks from the pros! We’ll see you next time right here in the Detail Garage! Always remember: Have fun, stay clean, and keep on detailing!