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Good morning everybody and welcome back to
the Chemical Guys Detail Garage. As you an see, we’ve still got this Dodge Viper in the
shop. Today, we are going to show you how to enhance that shine as well as protect the finish because
if you watched our first video, we washed it, we clayed it, and we polished it to reveal
this deep, glossy finish. Now, we want to protect it because now that we’ve opened up
the pores of the paint, they’re exposed to contamination, fallout, and anything else
that could rapidly deteriorate the finish. By putting on a glaze, we are going to mask
any minor imperfections or little scratches that we couldn’t polish out and by applying
a wax, we are really going to give it a nice glow as well as protect it from UV rays and
anything else that can cling to the surface. It’s also going to give it more of a slick
finish so it’s harder for dust and debris to stick to the surface. So, let’s get started. So, today, I am going to be using a TORQ10FX just like I did when polishing, but I am going
to be using this to apply our coatings for today. Now, this has a Black HexLogic pad
on there, which is a finishing pad. This is great for applying any waxes, glazes, or sealants
in a fine coat. This is going to save time, effort, and product, so now you’re going to
quickly and easily cover an entire vehicle, it doesn’t matter what color, shape or size.
The machines going to take care of that and all you have to do is simply buff off any
excess. Now, as I mentioned, we are going to be applying a glaze and Black Light is
one of my favorite glazes. It fills in any microscratches, any swirls, enhances metallic
flake, and also adds some paint protection because it does have sealant properties. After
shaking the bottle, we are going to apply 5 dime sized drops to our pad. About the size
of each hexagon. What’s great is it simply glides across the surface, applying a thin
coat.You don’t need to apply any Pad Conditioner, you simply apply it on the vehicle on the low
speed setting.The reason for that is the Pad Conditioner basically just moistens the pad
to reduce fiction and heat, but since you’re using the low speed setting, you don’t really
have to that. We’re just going to blotch or dab it out on the surface, starting on the
hood. This car doesn’t currently have a roof so that will save us some time. And now, we
will just put it on the lowest speed setting and just spread it out just like we were spreading
out our polishes and then we will let it sit and buff it off. And there you have it. You can
see that the TORQ10FX quickly and easily covers any size vehicle. I know that the Viper is
not a very large vehicle, but it quickly and easily does it. It does it a lot faster than
I could have done it and that’s also spreading a very fine coat, which is again saving us
product and time and effort. Also, I have heard a lot of people say that a glaze is
not necessary. Obviously, it’s an optional step, but if you think about it, what a glaze
is doing is it’s enhancing the shine just like a donut. A donut normally looks kind of bland and dull until you throw some glaze on there and gives it that shiny wet look and also is delicious. Now, don’t eat your car nor eat Black Light, but it’s adding a nice gloss to your vehicle, it’s enhancing
the shine and it’s adding some paint protection. Now, we are going to give this about 20 minutes
to cure, and then we are going to come back and buff it off and move on to the next step
in the detailing process. After giving Black Light about 15 minutes to cure to the surface,
you can see that it now has a light haze over the vehicle. Now, we are going to take a very
soft and clean microfiber towel. This is a Happy Ending Towel. It has this very soft
pile and we are going to start gently buffing it off. As I mentioned before, that light
coat comes off nice and easily so you don’t have to put literally any pressure down. I’m
just working back and forth in straight lines and this takes off that coat very gently so
we are not inducing any scratches or swirls or any kind of paint harm, we are just revealing
that deep, glossy shine. Now, you saw that I applied it with the TORQ 10FX, but it’s
not necessary to use a machine, but it will save you a lot of time and effort. You can do
this by hand, applying it over glass, paintwork, headlights, glass… anything to enhance that
shine while masking minor imperfections. Now, Black Light is perfect for dark colored vehicles,
especially Black, because we all know that they show any kind of imperfection. This is
that last little touch to give it that ultimate gloss. So, if you have a dark colored car,
Black Light is the way to go. After buffing off Black Light, you can see that it’s left
behind this really deep gloss and its masked any minor imperfections while adding some
paint protection. Lastly, like I mentioned, we are going to apply a wax to add more shine,
give it more protection and just give it an overall better look. We are going to be using
Butter Wet Wax. This is one of my favorite products because it works on any color vehicle.
You can put it on paint, glass, headlights, chrome… anything you want to protect and
add some shine and just give it that really glossy finish. Now, again, we are just going
to shake the bottle. Now, again, you can use by machine or hand. Again, I am going to be
using the 10FX using the red HexLogic pad to apply a very fine, thin coat. Again, this
is saving you product, time, and effort. If you think about it, only that initial layer
is going to be touching the surface and everything else is going to be wasted and buffed off.
So, if you could use less product, I would say that’s your best option. I’m just going
to apply 5 dime sized drops to our pad. It’s going to be the same process as we were
applying Black Light. Just a very low speed, apply it covering 50% of the last pass so
we have an even shine and a uniform coat. We will give it about 15-20 minutes to bond
to the surface and then we can buff it off. For today, that’s where we are going to end
it. Tune in Friday when we wrap up this Viper. If you want to learn more about these products,
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it a thumbs up and we will see you guys next time right here in the Detail Garage.