How to ACTUALLY BUY the $35,000 Tesla Model 3! (Yes, it really does exist!!)

Hello everybody now, of course as most of you guys know we posted our full review on the Tesla Model 3 standard range a few days ago And we kind of caused some confusion You could say a lot of people were wondering About this standard range model, and we didn’t do a very good job frankly of kind of explaining How the standard range model works because it is not on Tesla’s website. So a lot of people ask some additional questions Some people made some accusations that we were just making things up completely But no indeed this is the standard range $35,000 Tesla Model 3 and this video is going to tell you how you too can buy this model! Now before we start here I do want to just go ahead and show you guys these sticker So, you know that I’m not lying to you. This isn’t we’re not making this up. I promise you here we are. This is the $35,000 model 3 under standard range right here 35,000 is the base price included paint included interior included wheels plus the $1,200 destination for a grand total of 36,000 or $200 that is the price for this vehicle. That is not including the Fuel savings or anything like that. That is the price you pay for this car when you take delivery of it Now Mason already kind of alluded to it But Tesla’s website doesn’t actually have the standard range on it and honestly when I first started looking at the model 3 I thought that they had discontinued the standard range of as a short run or something Because it’s just not on here anywhere they have there’s no reference to anything like it So what I actually ended up doing was I called Tesla on the phone I don’t really like talking on the phone, but I did it for this And I called them and I was like, “hey, you know What’s up with this $35,000 Tesla I heard about a long time ago Do you guys still make it how do I get it?” And basically what they told me was that it’s not on the website It’s a special order only And what that means is basically when you go to purchase your Model 3 The steps that we were told to do was to actually purchase a standard range plus model so when we first bought the vehicle online when you go through the steps of just hitting next and all that stuff you Configure your standard range plus model. So you are going to have that higher price But don’t worry, they write which which from the full review is, you know There’s not a great deal of differences between standard range plus and the standard range just a handful differences so you picked all the same things that you want for your standard range, but On the standard range plus configurator now Once you build your standard range plus model to exactly how you’d want your standard range model configured You will just go ahead and go through the whole ordering process place your $100 deposit down And then you need to stop after that point. You just need to stop Not do anything It will send you several emails and stuff and witnesses and their website block Walks you through different steps different information you fill out and stuff and you can fill out some of that information But you cannot hit the final submit or whatever the orders already been placed But this is the final information will prompt you to agree to a forty one thousand dollar standard range price Which is not what you need to do because that that will get you the standard range plus so what you need to do is after you do that give Tesla a call and what you’re going to do is just it will give you a VIN in your Account and you just have to read off your VIN to the Tesla employee which will then flag your vehicle to be a standard range model and This process, you know, it’s really quite simple just to call them give them your event But it will take a few days to reflect in your account So it is important to not agree to it until it reflects in your account as the standard range $35,000 one and then at that point you can agree to the final paperwork to receive your model 3 Right and just you make sure of course every step of the way that you verify What you’re agreeing to it that way everybody is on the same page about what you’re expecting to get for instance with ours We had it flagged as standard range on the VIN. And the first time it was changed we received an email with the list of options And it says standard range with three thousand dollar autopilot on it well three thousand dollars is almost the entire difference between the Standard range and the standard range. Plus that wasn’t what we were intending to do We wanted to get the most basic one possible that actually did cost $35,000. I’m sure not everybody that’s watching this video also watched our full review video So you might be wondering, you know Perhaps like what’s the difference between the standard range of the standard range plus model for such a substantial price. Mm. Yeah about $5,000 Not much actually you’d be surprised and there’s a reason for that originally Elon’s idea was to make the standard range model is actually going to be different There was talk of like a cloth seat manual seat so different changes here there’s things that actually be more Meaningful. However, what actually happened is that for manufacturing simplicity The standard range model and the standard range plus model are effectively the exact same Just with software limitations so nothing in side or outside of this standard range car is actually different But They’ve programmed they’re able to program it to become a standard range model from a standard range plus So what we one of the things we have is we have 30 miles of less range So the standard range plus you have 250 miles of range. This standard range is software limited to 220 miles So like so 30 miles less and then finally the really the only other change is that autopilot Which is the special adaptive cruise control that can change lanes and stuff like that without interaction That is also taken off. But as you can probably pick up on that’s it and That’s not very many changes at all for $5,000. So that’s why we’re calling this Tesla’s best-kept secret There’s a reason this isn’t on the website that Tesla and Elon Musk they feel obligated to me meet the you know criteria that he sent forth originally saying that he would make a $35,000 Tesla Model 3, but in essence it’s really a $40,000 Tesla Model 3 that if you’re smart enough to figure it out you can get for $35,000 so Not a lot of people talk about this surprisingly. Even on YouTube and on the internet it was very Difficult for us to figure out if they still offer this model or not until we called and actually communicated with Tesla So that’s kind of why we wanted to make this video Let you guys know I made it put the word out yeah, if you’re looking for a $35,000 car, I mean heads up you can get a camry xse 4-cylinder for 37,000 and you know This is really a lot more of a car for your money than a lot of those a lot of the competitions so looking at comparable German Models this comes with a ton of standard equipment. but yeah, we’re not gonna rant any further about All the benefits of that go watch our full repair. I want to know more about that But you know that concludes this video on how to actually get the thirty five thousand dollar model It would have been helpful when I was actually looking for it So hopefully we can help some of you guys out if you’re in the market for this car and as always if you’re interested in any other car videos Please subscribe to car confections and we’ll catch you next time as we sample more at the latest automotive delicacies!