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Monday Ford’s challenges have been well-documented among them a lack of
fresh product but today for taking a big step to address that issue by showcasing
a vehicle that is expected to generate lots of buzz in showrooms that’s the
2019 Ranger midsize pickup production of the vehicle begins next week at ford’s
michigan assembly plant near detroit employees and reporters taking
pre-production models off roading today when it arrives in stores early next
year the Ranger will square off against the likes of the toyota tacoma chevrolet
colorado and nissan frontier here’s ford global operations chief joe
hendricks this is more of a lifestyle and more for people who want a different
ring for you different want to use it for different purposes we’re obviously
we’re very excited about having our f-series trucks continue to dominate in
their segments but we believe there’s room now the autumn fifties gotten a lot
bigger over time physically and more expensive and there’s room to slot the
Ranger in very nicely in the in the park showroom the media ride and drive is the latest
in a series of peaks inside the automakers plans last week
Ford execs met with dealers in Las Vegas to try to ease their concerns over the
company’s future Ford showed retailers vehicles that will arrive in the next
few years the car maker also rolled out its new marketing campaign titled built
Ford proud board plans to make Washington DC a pillar in the company’s
strategy to commercially deploy self-driving vehicles starting next year
Ford will begin testing its autonomous driving technology in the nation’s
capital in anticipation of a commercial launch in 2021 that effort will be
centered on both passenger service and package deliveries Washington will mark
the second city in which Ford plans to start commercial operations earlier this
year the company started testing in Miami let’s switch to US sales we are
well into the fourth quarter and we have a pretty good idea of 2018 s winners and
losers but several races may go down to the wire
take for example Volvo it is rising fast in looking to pass eighth place Lincoln
among luxury brands through September Lincoln sales are down nine percent to
75 thousand three hundred units Volvo sales are up 30 percent to about 74
thousand vehicles the redesigned xc60 helping Volvo’s cause meanwhile at the
top of the luxury brand race it’s really close BMW has a shot at ending Mercedes
two-year win streak that’s because Mercedes has an ultra slim 319 vehicle
lead over BMW Lexus a distant third more sales race info comes your way on this
program tomorrow Volkswagen brand plans to build up to three electric vehicle
models in North America whether those cars will be built at the automaker’s
plant in Chattanooga Tennessee has yet to be determined
that decision likely won’t come until the end of the year last year BW began
advertising on social media sites such as LinkedIn for small numbers of
specialized positions in Chattanooga to support its meb global eb platform the
electric ID Krauze crossover is slated to arrive in the u.s. in 2020 followed
by the ID hatchback in 2021 and Nissan giving us an early look at the fresh in
2019 Maxima sedan ahead of its world debut at next month’s Los Angeles Auto
Show car by the way goes on sale in December
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