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– What’s up, guys? This is Hector, welcome back
to Chemical Guys Detail Garage. So, we have this awesome Toyota
Camry in the garage today. Unfortunately, it was side-swiped today. This belongs to one of our accountants. She had it parked out front, and somebody gave it a little dinger. So what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna hit it with a couple things. We’re not sure what’s gonna work. So ideally, we want to, this
area’s already been washed, so I’m gonna try first
probably our medium clay and see what that can do. If that doesn’t work and take out most of this paint transfer,
I’ll try our butter wet wax, which is really good
at removing that stuff. And if not, then we’re gonna
come out with the big guns, our TORQ 15DA, and hit it with a very light compound or
polish and see what we can do. So, first things first, we’ll
get started with our clay. So, my clay of preference
is gonna be the gray clay, which is our medium clay. The medium clay is really, really sticky. You find yourself not having to press down as hard, sometimes. Sometimes, using a lighter
clay, what will happen is that you can’t get some of
the contamination off, and you find yourself pressing
down a little too hard. Well, that can cause
marring under the paint and damage the paint. So I use the medium, it’s very
sticky, it works very well, and it’s light to medium pressure at best. All right, so let me go ahead and do this whole section right here. Again, this has been washed already so we’re just gonna get
to the claying, all right? So we’ll spray down here
with our clay lubricant. You wanna be generous
with the clay lubricant because if not, the clay bar can get stuck and again, you can mar the
paint, you can damage the paint. So you wanna keep it lubricated. We’ll also spray down the bar. Right, and then we’ll come
back and we’ll start claying. So some of the, actually, some of this paint transfer is coming off. Now, we’re not gonna get a lot of it off. We’re not gonna get a lot
of it off, it looks like, but a good amount will come off. Okay, let’s go ahead and re-knead. When dealing with paint
transfer like this, you wanna constantly re-knead the clay. If you don’t, whatever you’re pulling off is sticking on that clay bar,
and then you’re gonna just dig down back into your paint,
and cause some scratches. So again, I’m gonna finish up here and see if I can get
some of this stuff off. All right, guys, so not much
came off, as you can see. What we’re gonna try next
is our butter wet wax. The reason we’re kinda doing this, and it’s a trial and error thing, is because you wanna start with
the least aggressive method and then only get more aggressive when the prior step didn’t work. Now, granted, some of
you guys are like, hey, when you clayed, you
should’ve tried waxing first. Well, I clayed because I thought most of this stuff here
was gonna come off. It didn’t, so we’re gonna
just go on to waxing now. All right, so our butter wet wax, grab one of our microfiber
applicators here. And we’re just gonna apply just a little bit on there. Or a lot of bit. And we’re just gonna
blotch it in the area. So our butter wet wax just
cleans and shines and protects, all in one, so we’re just gonna work it in and see if some of this
stuff will come off. Which, it looks like it’s, oh, some of this stuff is
coming off, all right. And we just work it in. Grab our microfiber towel
here, grab a new fresh one, and we’re gonna buff off. So we did take some of it off. So what I’m gonna do now is, I’m gonna keep trying
with that butter wet wax and see if we can get
a little bit more off prior to hitting it with our TORQ 15DA and probably an orange pad. So I’ll try for here for now and see if we can get
a little bit more off. Verdict is, there’s obviously some paint transfer still on there. It’s really, really smooth, but there’s obviously some damage. Now, polishing may or may
not take all of this off. We’re not saying that hey,
polishing takes away everything, but it will make it better. Obviously, this is a white car. This is like black or gray paint transfer, so it doesn’t look the best. We’re gonna try to get most
of it off with our TORQ 15DA and kind of go from there, all right? We tried the clay, medium clay. We tried the butter wet wax. It looks okay, so now we’re gonna try our awesome V36 cutting polish on our Hex-Logic Quantum Orange pad. This is an orange pad, obviously. The orange pad here is
our medium heavy cut pad. And then we have this puppy right here, the big guns, the TORQ 15DA. This just came out, awesome machine, 15 millimeters of throw,
has 900 watts of power. Awesome, awesome machine, probably my favorite in our whole lineup. So, I’ve already prepped
the pad with conditioner, I’ve added our V36, now we’re
just gonna add it on here and try to get some of this stuff completely off the car, all right? (machine squealing) Our awesome machine here took about 80 to 90% of the eyesore off of this car. So, there is a little crack here. That’s obviously not fixable
with just this stuff here, but you guys, we got it back pretty good. This is after about two, maybe
three passes, I think I did. Now, where did all this stuff go? It went to your pad. So a lot of people will say, hey, I just clean the pad, I keep going. I personally like to exchange the pad. So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna exchange this pad for a new pad. We’ll get our new pad on here. Because I’d hate to get
most of this stuff off and then go to polish the
rest of this car, maybe, and have that contamination on this pad and cause more damage to the
car than I really need to. So I just switch off to a new pad. Better being safe than sorry. And that’s just how I roll
here at the Detail Garage. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and continue hitting the rest of this stuff
and cleaning this stuff up. Again, what fixed this
problem was not our clay. It made it better. Butter wet wax took some
of the paint transfer off. But the big guns did it,
our awesome TORQ 15DA did it with our orange Hex-Logic Quantum pad and our V36 cutting polish. That’s what did the trick. So what I’m gonna do, guys, is
finish this guy up right here on our new pad, and that’s about it. If you guys liked this video, please like it, subscribe, and share. And if you liked any of these products, you wanna check them out, please
check out But until then, we’ll
see you guys next time here at the Detail Garage. (beat-driven music)