How a car suspension system works?

The harmony between the roads and tires is
provided by the car’s suspension system. Whenever a car travels through a bumpy track
it is the suspension that provides smooth and swift ride. Suspension is the system of chasis, steering,shock
absorbers and tires A car suspension maybe dependant or independant. In a dependant suspension there is a rigid
linkage between the two tires. The force acting on one wheel will effect
the other too. An independant suspension system allows both
wheels to move vertically up and down independantly. Suspensions are widely classified depending
upon their designs. Suspensions range from Mac Pherson strut,
, Push Rod suspension , and solid axle beam suspensions. You might have wondered about this thing in
cars called a leafspring suspension. They are long flexible bars installed on wheels
to absorb the shocks. Engineers have tried many designs from wide
springs, flexible bars, hydraulic springs but nothing was better than the natural design
of a wishbone suspension system. A wishbone suspension system replicates the
design of a bird’s wishbone. A wishbone would be snapped apart by two people
while they were each making a wish. The person holding the longer piece was said
to have good fortune or a wish granted. So, A double wishbone suspension consists
of two .A. shape arms. The drive shaft must be syncronized with the
suspension. It have a special joint called Double Cardan
joint to allow vertical movement. If the drive shaft had been straight rod the
vertical movement would not have been allowed. Same is the case with steering rack. Thanks alot for watching and Don’t forget
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