Honda Accord Euro R – Part 1

Hi I am Kazuto From Kazuto Garage Today i’m with one of my favorite car model And this is the model I started with when iI start into cars with this rare car today (in Malaysia) also with the owner of the car Mr.BO how long you owning this car ? about 2 years now what year manufacture of this accord ? year 1999 which generation of the accord ? 6th Gen So this the last model of H series Vtec engine of accord model this is originally acoord CF4 But we had fully converted to CL1 Euro R as it’s similar chassis You got already done all? The ex owner of this car has converted just the Engine When I got it, I fully convert it to CL1 Euro R spec from interior to body kits and complete with Mugen power Kits What the original engine of CH4 ? it’s F20B The 2.0 blue cover twin cam Vtec ? Yes, you are right So you converted 2.2 Type R/Euro R with 5 Speed Manual transmission I can’t hold any longer how about we go have the closer look sure Tell us about the exterior This accord come with standard CH4 body kit previous owner had change to Euro R CL1 Type R engine also the seat When I take over this car Then i converted full CL1 Euro R version with Mugen kits As you can see now, all mugen original kit Show us This…this wheel arch …etc. that wheel arch is original from Mugen ? Ch4 alrd have archer this is extension from Mugen which is wider so can use wider rim set up all kits just plug & play screw on only this all the genuine mugen JDM parts ya? Yes, all genuine Mugen JDM parts just this eyelid are not from Mugen but JDM parts This must be those JDM accessories which only can get in Japan eyelid so popular in Japan actually and myself like eyelid much as well make the car looks more fierce How about the front Bonet/hood I got used parts frm japan not very sure what brand is that some say its from Feel’s twin cam Honda cannot find any badger or sticker to prove it but it’s real dry carbon and the Ganador side mirror ? got it from CF6 model which is the same basically for the body and yes…this is genuine Ganador from the back, there is Mugen spoiler/wing..this is genuine ? yes, it is for CL1 it’s very similar for Civic SO model For CL1, just the rubber added it’s mean the wing possible to fit directly to civic SO model ? yes, just the rubber partsare added so it fit directly to EK/SO4 yes tail light change as well right ? yes, from CL1 Euro R there is 2 type of CL 1 model & this one is the smoke version the rear lip from Mugen too why you add on this drag style of panel ? this is from my experience I was driving fast I chasing a VW Passat about 248km/H then my rear bumper came off must be from the high air pressure yeah… the pressure just tear off the rear bumper that’s why i think again, there is a reason for this of cause it look stylist also but serve the purpose you install is as you understand the purpose but many other just install without knowing why or the purpose, but just follow the trend how about the wing? you feel the difference & come with the car? No, I search one by one and the price are not cheap of cause , its genuine Mugen parts any feel the difference with or without wing? yes, on high speed the rear will get more down force yes, again,as many don’t understand what the function of wing yes, I do free run in Sepang & JB circuit sometime yes, can feel the difference Im Using Volk Racing RE30 Genuine ya ? Yes, genuine I like this model so much I used to use same model on 15″ for my corolla with the Endless big caliper …its looks fierce man what’s the spec 17″ X 7.5JJ +48 if use less off set the wheel will came out abit so we did grind off abit for better clearance tell us you brake kit This is Endless brake kit and i had repainted it but genuine parts because i got it used condition I try to make it looks good again not sure what model of this rotos is as i got it used from used parts this is 330mm diameter rotor so minimum you must used 17″ wheel this i add 12mm spacer for caliper clearance TO BE CONTINUE …………………….. COMING UP PART 2…………………… COMING UP ON PART 2 VIDEO….. ENGINE BAY, INTERIOR,TEST DRIVE & MORE !! COMING UP ON PART 2 VIDEO….. ENGINE BAY, INTERIOR,TEST DRIVE & MORE !! SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL FOR NEXT VIDEO POST UP