Holden Colorado RGII 2014 model auto – lots of mods!

Hey guys it’s Rob from Ultimate Diesel Tuning. Today we’re at our Geebung store, we’ve got a 2014 Holden Colorado RG Series 2. This car is in for a custom dyno tune. This car has already got a number of quality upgrades carried out to it. Upgraded exhaust, intercooler, catch can and it’s already had a soot clean done. To get the most out of the upgrades such as these, a custom dyno tune to suit is definitely a must. This car is owned by Mick, our workshop manager at our Geebung store! He uses Colorado for a number of things including towing a camper, beach and 4WD work, and it’s also his daily driver. So today, we’re going to be custom dyno tuning his car, taking the consideration all the modifications as well as the customer’s (Mick’s) driving conditions. We’ve just given the Colorado a mechanical inspection to ensure that it is in good running order with no oil leaks. We also checked that the fluid levels are correct, and now it’s all good and ready for tuning. Prior to actually tuning the vehicles here at Ultimate Diesel Tuning, we always carry out a power run to record the “before tuned” power and torque figures. Then we’re ready to commence the tuning. So we’ve now completed the custom tune on the Colorado, let’s take a look at the results. Remembering before we tuned this car it had a number of modifications, so it had 103 kilowatts and 416 Newton meters at the rear wheels. After completing the tune, it went to 134 kilowatts and 509 Newton meters! These results represent a 30 percent gain in peak power, 22 percent gain in peak torque, which is a great result, and what we would expect here at Ultimate Diesel Tuning! So we achieved a great result for the RG Colorado –
30 percent gain in peak power. This will make the car so much more responsive and Mick will really be impressed with it! As well as that, he’ll see a saving in fuel for the car also. So when you’re looking to custom dyno tune your car, or you’ve got any questions, give us a call at Ultimate Diesel Tuning, or drop into one of our performance centres in Brisbane Gold Coast or Melbourne. Make sure you subscribe to us on YouTube: Ultimate Diesel Tuning.