[HINDI] Car Charging system : Circuit | Working | Animation | Principle

Hello Everyone Welcome to the Automotives Lets see how vehicle charging system works? first we take a look on charging techniques. so there are main 2 techniques first one is constant voltage charging and second is constant current charging but in vehicles constant voltage charging is used to charge the battery lets take a look on vehicle battery vehicle battery is normally operate on Direct current but to charge the same battery an alternator is used which generates Alternative current so the main purpose of the chargning system is to convert the proper amount of alternative current into direct current to charge the vehicle battery. Construction of charging system includes an alternator in which an electromagnatic rotor is used which acts as magnet when current is supplied. it is surrounded by conductor coils known as Stator coils normally there are 3 set of stator coils placed at interval of 120 degree when rotor completes single rotation all of three coils genrates positive charge once which give output of 3-Phase current supply from an alternator. alternator is connected with rectifier (Normally in single casing) rectifier consist 3 pairs of forward bias diodes. all of them are connected in parellel . so they can easily operate. whenever diode is subjected to three phase current positive biased diodes acts as an filter and separate positive and negative flactuation of alternative current into stable direct current. Alternator is connected to the Rectifier in vehicle charging circuit rectifier is directly connected to the positive Terminal of car battery. negative terminal of battery is earth to the vehicle frame! to complete the circuit rectifier is also earth to the same frame! Positive terminal of battery is connected with voltage regulator which advances to positive end of alternator’s Rotor while the negative end of Rotor is earth to the frame. which forms a close circuit including rotor , voltage regulator and battery now trigger terminal of SCR is connected to the battery side terminal which senses the battery voltages to control the flow! now lets take a look on system working alternator rotor rotates using engine torque now electromagnet acts as magnet when current supplied by SCR which generates an Electromagnetic field stator coil cuts that field and genrates EMF which gives output of 3 phase current supply! output of alternator is converted into Direct current by 3 pairs of positive biased diodes into direct current. which is supplied to charge the battery! voltage regulator regulates the voltage of Rotor coil which indirectly Controls the output of alternator so increse in Rotor voltage give more alternator output and vice-versa by controling the intensity of magnetic field inside the alternator output current is automatically controlled due to reverse EMF generation in Stator Coils. MUSIC THANK-YOU FOR WATCHING Like Share and Subscribe the channel for more Tech videos!