High Temperature Clear Coat – Exo-Armour! AMAZING NEW PRODUCT! – Eastwood

if a product was originally developed
for military aviation applications you know its high quality and extremely
durable well today i have that type of product and it’s available right here at
Eastwood and i’m going to show you how to use it and how great it looks it’s Eastwood exo-armor and it’s going
to keep your polished aluminum steel stainless copper and brass looking great
while maintaining that mirror finish you can even use it to code-breaking few
lines and other under car parts because it’s going to protect against rust it
will even protect fiberglass plexi glass and ceramic now there are other popular
coatings available that claim to do the same thing as exo-armor but they’re not
even in the same category and really can’t be compared because they don’t
even come close to supplying the same amount of protection these other
coatings are going to work for about six months maybe and then you’re going to need to recode
exo-armor is a permanent impervious coding plus it stays flexible and won’t
add a glossy finish it resists temperatures up to 2,000 degrees
Fahrenheit and survived four thousand hours of salt spray testing just look at this test panel if it
protects from rust this well imagine how can help your car truck or even
motorcycle wheels now that’s a very popular application for exo-armor how
about a hitch they’re always rusting fast and getting
stuck in receiver but if you cut it with exo-armor which can also be applied over
paint that problem is SOB now let’s show you how to use this cool product but
remember this is a two-component system so you’ll need to mix them together now
let’s get started at first they may appear to repel each
other like oil and water which is stir into it’s a cloudy yellow after sometime
the mixture will appear to be opaque and then it’s time to apply to the park now
let’s wipe it on the turbo intake tube just put it on thin if you see streaking
it’s being applied too heavy and remember these little bottles which
total four ounces will cover a hundred and ten square feet so you don’t need
much well there you have it XO armor was easy
to apply the part looks great and now it’s completely protected you can
imagine that this product be perfect for valve covers wheels intakes or boat
motorcycle parts and like I showed you earlier it can be applied over paint like this
hitch to prevent rust so you can also use it to cope patio furniture brass
doorknob or apply chances don’t settle for other brands
that won’t hold up get exo-armor day keep that metal looking great while preventing rust yeah