Here’s Why 3D Printing is the Future of DIY Car Parts

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s, where
everyone has a chance to show off their car mods, and here’s this week’s winner,
in my 2004 Honda Pilot the center console didn’t want to stay closed all
the time and I couldn’t find a new latch online
anywhere, so I decided to model and 3d print my own, and here’s my first one I
printed, here’s a collection of Honda related things that I found by looking
up Honda on Thingiverse, now aside from a lot of them being random items,
such as keychains, a good portion of them are spare parts as you probably just saw
right there those are brakes, don’t actually use those, but all of these are
available to download and print for free as long as you have a printer, or have
access to one, 3d printing also has the advantage of being able to print with
multiple filaments, this one is PLA, the easiest to print with, it’s got pretty
good strength but it suffers from being extremely brittle, and it’s not very
temperature resistant, but it is also very cheap, these materials are PETG, my
favorite by far getting, compared to PLA PETG is slightly more flexible, has
higher strength, and more temperature resistance, but it’s a little harder to
print with, moving to the higher strength materials, like this PETG infused carbon
fiber, there is also ABS, but I do not have any on hand, ABS is essentially
super PLA, and this is essentially super PETG, extremely strong plastics, 3d
printers can also use a wide variety of different filaments than the ones
mentioned previously, this is only even a small portion of them each with their
own properties as well, the advantage of 3d printing is, it also can get very good
detail, as you can see on this little model I printed and a quarter for scale,
here is the center console clip that I made for my 2004 Honda Pilot, as you can
see there’s a lot of geometry that went into modeling this clip, the reason it
looks like that is, I want it to be as true to the original as possible,
so I made it quite complex and put in a lot of attention to detail,
here’s the clip fully finished loading and as you can see, it was indeed a lot
of detail that went into making this as true to the original as possible,
3d printing advancements had also been taking steps to make 3d printing more
for affordable, reliable, and make better quality prints, they’re also becoming a
lot faster as currently, most 3d printing projects will take a few hours, now I’m
going to do a side-by-side comparison between 3d printed parts and parts
ordered online, with 3d printed parts, you get the ability to use different types
of plastics, which can be advantageous if you wanted to use a higher quality
plastic then the part you would order online, also with 3d printed parts
you can customize the parts to your liking, 3 it may only take a few hours to
print most parts, four it can be much cheaper, 5 and this is a downside, but the
part might not fit if it’s not calibrated properly, 3d printed parts
also have another downside where they have low vertical strands, since parts
are printed horizontally, now there are printers you can buy that don’t have
this problem another thing is 3d printed parts are
not always available to download as was the case with mine,
I went modeled my own with 3d printed parts, you also have to worry about the
part being too big, some printers have a very big print area and some don’t, now
we move on to the online parts, with the online parts the part will always fit as
long as you get the right part, online parts are almost always available to buy,
sometimes online parts are the only option, due to needing vertical strength,
you also have to remember online parts are more expensive, because you have to
pay for the part instead of paying pennies for the plastic with 3d printed
and you also have to pay for the shipping for an online part, they also
take much longer to get, since you have to wait for them to ship to you, before
you decide on which you would like better, 3d printing requires three things
before you can get started, 1 knowledge to run the 3d printer, 2 money to buy the
3d printer and three, lots of maintenance, especially
for a lower-end printer like this one, this is one of the cheaper
printers you can get on the market, but a lot more reliable than Chinese clones
you can get, one of the better printers you can get and is the one I have, is the
original Prusa, they’re relatively cheap when you compare them to most printers,
and they’re extremely reliable and easy to learn, and that concludes my talk
about 3d printing and why it’s extremely helpful to have a 3d printer when
working on cars, I just want to thank Scotty for featuring me on his channel
and helping me spread my knowledge, have an awesome day,
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