Hendrick Automotive Group Customer Story

[MUSIC] Hendrick Automotive Group was
founded in 1976 by Rick Hendrick. He had a dream of becoming a car dealer and he turned
that single-point dealer into a $9.5 billion organization with about 130 locations across
the United States. Mr. Hendrick is focused on winning and that means
continuous improvement. There wasn’t a question of
“should we move to Windows 10?” it was a matter of when and how, and how can we deliver a world-class
experience to our teammates?>>If those employees are
taken care of, they’re going to take
care of our customers. You just see people
getting back to work, and that’s really what
we wanted out of this.>>When you envision upgrading
10,000 computers in 18 months, it’s a daunting task.>>One of the issues
with upgrading to a new operating system is a fear
of blowing up the environment. Microsoft was absolutely
instrumental in working with us to set up a telemetry for all of
our existing Windows 7 systems. By performing the in-place upgrade, we no longer have to worry
about data migration, we no longer have to
worry about application re-installation, and the user is up and running in minutes
instead of hours. [MUSIC]>>Being a retail company, we try to do an entire store
during the night. It is vital that all of the machines are done
when the store opens.>>I think one of the biggest
surprises we’ve had through the upgrade process is
how seamless it has been. Our employees have the tools they need to do
their jobs in the future. [MUSIC]>>The modern desktop was
the right solution for us because we really wanted to stay up to date, both for broader functionality
and for increased security. Office 365 has enabled all of our employees to communicate
with each other better. They can collaborate with other employees that might
have the answers they need.>>When we looked at how we
wanted to roll out Windows 10, we wanted a white-glove experience, we wanted to not impede our
associates from doing their jobs, which is providing
service to our customers. [MUSIC]