Headlight Restoration (WD40 vs Toothpaste) DOES IT WORK?

– Hey Donnie Smith here,
in this video, we’re gonna talk about headlight
restorations ’cause I’ve done two other videos, one
I was using toothpaste. And the other video I was using WD-40 and there have been so many
questions on both of those video, I thought I’d
just do another video. Compare the two side by side
and see which one works best and how long they work
and hopefully that’ll help answer a lot of your questions. So the first thing I’m
gonna do, I’m gonna get some glass cleaner, I’m
just gonna wipe this off. It’s dirty, it’s got a
lot of contaminants on it and get that wiped off and
then I am gonna start with the toothpaste, I’m gonna
do the toothpaste first. First, I’m gonna mask this
off so that we can compare this side by side to see
which one works better and which one lasts longer
so I got that masked off. And I’m gonna get the
toothpaste out and put some toothpaste out, now I edited
some of the rubbing out, didn’t wanna take up all of
your time with watching me rub but it does take a little
bit of effort, a little bit of elbow grease when you go
to rubbing this so get it rubbed down real good, rub that
compound or that toothpaste in and that basically helps
take some of that oxidation off, take some of that film off
and grime and dirt and all that stuff so get that
rubbed in and once I’m done, I am gonna get some
water and spray it down and wipe it off and get it clean. That way we can see how well
the toothpaste did work. So I’ve got it wet, good
and wet and now I’m just gonna get a dry cloth and wipe it dry and then we’ll see what it looks like. Alright, now I’m gonna pull the tape off and see if you can tell a difference. I mean, I can tell that
it did make a difference but you can really tell side
by side when I pull this tape. You can see that line there
on the left it’s a lot more hazy and the right
cleared up quite a bit. You can see through and
see that light bulb quite a bit clearer than you could. Now I’m gonna get some WD
40 and I’m gonna spray it on this rag and I’m gonna
wipe it on the other side. Now the good thing about
this, lot less effort. It does not take near as
much wiping and effort to clear this up and got that
done, now we’re gonna pull the tape and see which one’s clearer. I’m just getting all access off. Be sure and get it off your
paint and now pull the tape off and we can see which
one is actually clearer. What do you think, well they
both cleared it up a whole lot but the side with the toothpaste
actually did a lot better. You can tell that both of ’em
definitely made it clearer than doing nothing at all
and if you look up there real close and look at the light
bulb, it looks a lot clearer to see the light bulb
through the toothpaste side than the WD 40 side does
but both of ’em actually work pretty good but
there’s one more trick I’m gonna try here, this was also
left in the comments that we should do this so we’re
gonna test this as well. And what they said is to
put some wax over that. I’ve had that mentioned
on both videos, on the toothpaste video and on the WD 40 video. So we’re gonna mask half this off. Half of it gets the wax
and half of it doesn’t. And I just got Smoke Wire’s Wax here, probably any type of wax would work. And we’re gonna just apply some on there. So I’m gonna get some, apply it on there. Let it dry just for a few minutes and then wipe it off and
see if that does help now and if it helps it last longer as well. So let it dry for just a
little bit and now I’m gonna get a dry cloth and wipe it off and we’ll see if that made a difference. Now I don’t know how well
you can see on camera but it did help both sides,
the WD 40 and the toothpaste side, it cleared up just a little bit. I mean, if you get down
there and look close, you can see that bulb a
little bit and you can see where it’s just WD 40, I mean,
it cleared it up definitely from the other side but it’s
still a little bit hazy. So for the instant result,
I would say if you’re gonna use either one of the these
methods, go ahead and use the wax because it seems like
it did help both the WD 40 and the toothpaste but both
of these are just temporary. Neither one of ’em’s permanent. They’re gonna fade back
out as the sun hits it. And we’re gonna do a little
test to see kinda how long it lasts but if you
want somethin’ permanent, I’ve got another video and
this is where we actually sanding it and applying two
K Clear and this is gonna last a long time, I mean,
this is your permanent fix. If you’re wanting the long term last, this is the method that you wanna use. And I’ll put a link to this
down in the description. But if you’re just needing
to improve your visibility to go on a trip over the
night, either one of these methods will work and
this is just the next day because some people commented
that it would be all foggy and hazy by the next
day so we just wanted to go ahead and take a video
of the next day but really, it looks about the same, the
WD 40 is a little bit hazy but I think it was right after we did it. But still, it’s a lot better than that. Okay, day six, let’s
move ahead a little bit. And take a look at it
and if you look close, where the WD 40 is is evaporating. It is getting a little bit foggier. The toothpaste is holding
up better and on both sides where it had wax,
that’s even better. So if you’re gonna do this,
definitely use the wax. Okay this is day 11 and the
WD 40 continues to get foggier but still a little bit
clearer than it was before. And of course, the toothpaste
keeps on holdin’ up better and both sides with the
wax is holding up better. And this is day 16 and
probably as far as I’m gonna go with this test so I can
get onto some other things. But I think you can see the
trend that it’s following. The WD 40 hazes up a lot
faster than the toothpaste and they both last longer
if you put a coat of wax on. So all I’ve got to suggest
if you’re goin’ on a trip, do something because these
foggy lights really cut down on your visibility so even
if it’s WD 40 or something simple like that, it will
last overnight to where you can drive to your destination safely. So the important thing is
is that you do something. But both of these are temporary
fixes and if you’re not wanting to do it every
couple, two or three months, then be sure and check
out my other video ’cause I do have the method that is long term that will last for a long time. And if you’re not worried
about having a spray gun, I’ve also got some resources in that video where I’ll tell you about
some two K Primer you can get in a can so yeah,
check out that video. I’ll put a link down in the description. Like always, I really
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