Headlight Restoration Brake Fluid

So here we have some oxidized headlights on
a Chrysler 300M year 2000. This headlight had been replaced about sever years ago. These
are the original headlights, and I thought about bringing my camera out and taking some
photographs. We are going to try cleaning these headlights with some brake fluid. I
begin to add a little bit to the edge up here and it looks like it is cleaning it, believe
it or not. So the brake fluid that I am using I bought at the 99 cent store for a buck.
This is after I bought some Turtle Wax clean kit which I opened up and read through but
the guy at the auto store said, “Hey why not try brake fluid. Sometimes that works.” He
said don’t use acetone get each other nail polish remover that doesn’t have acetone in
it. So I’m going to give this a shot to see how well it works. I am going to take this
microfiber cloth by Spic & Span bought at the 99 cent store and see how well this works.
I am going to dab a little bit on there like that and buff that out. A clear noticeable
difference. That beats toothpaste any day. The lens is a little bit tacky. You can see
that it is reacting with the plastic I think? But maybe not. Wow, that is an incredible
difference. I am using SMB brake fluid, Superior Motoring Benefits, SMB, a dollar at the 99
cent store. Noticeable difference, that’s incredible. My fingers on it now, no problem.
Before and after. Amazing. I am just going to continue. I am putting a little bit of
brake fluid here on this microfiber cloth. Looks like I could take back my sandpaper.
Looks like I take back my cleaning kit. Perfect. A little bit tacky. Amazing. Well Well, we
see how well that works on the road. We will see how clearer my lights are. Those are the
original headlamps. Looking great. Before and after. Amazing. On the other side here,
these are not the orginal headlights but they are oxidized as well. I clean these up a well.
Amazing. There are some fine line scratches on this, buff those out. Great. The guy was
right, brake fluid works great.