Handheld Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope (Lab Scope) Tool CarScope Viso-Oscilloscope Panel

Welcome to DITEX training solutions. This training module is designed to help you in using CarScope Viso in automotive component diagnostics and covers the oscilloscope
panel and its functions. Oscilloscope panel is common for both Lab
Scope and automotive measurement functions. Oscilloscope panel includes waveform display
area, menu and menu hide/show button. Waveform display area includes a title that
shows current scope mode, vertical units, vertical scales, time unit and time scale,
trigger level and trigger position. You can setup the channels by using Channel
A and Channel B buttons. From these panels you can select input probe,
range and other parameters for each channel. The time button allows you to select the time mode and the time range. The trigger button allows you to set the trigger mode, channel and edge. The Start button starts the measurement. Tap over the time scale to set a new trigger
position. In case Channel A is selected for trigger
source, tap over Channel A Vertical axis to change the trigger level. Slide over the touch screen in vertical direction for fine adjustment of the Trigger level. Slide over the corresponding vertical scale to change the vertical position of the signals. The Functions button allows you to set the acquisition mode, to turn on the cursors and to measure the parameters of periodic
signals. Menu hide /show button allows you to see the
waveforms in full screen. After the measurement is done you can zoom
in the signals in horizontal direction by decreasing the time range. Slide over the touch screen in horizontal direction to move the signals. The file button allows you to open and to save oscilloscope files. In the file browsing mode you can operate by same manner as with the currently measured waveform. We hope this training module will give you a better understanding of the CarScope Viso functions and its application in the
automotive component diagnostics. For more information, please visit our website: