GTA 5 Online Race CHROME PAINT RACES 2/3 (Grand Theft Auto V PS3)

You know you don’t hit me with those rockets. I don’t have any rockets. (EXPLOSION!) Right! (sings) This is going on forever, and ever, and ever! Oh! Pluck a duck! (BEEP!) Oh, God! I nearly hit a lamppost! Bloody hell, Baba! (EXPLOSION!) Bloody hell! Did you see that rocket? (laughs) Whoa-whoa-whoa! Oh, it was you, that shot that rocket? Yeah (laughs) where did it go? It went to space, Baba! (laughs) Oh! Now, don’t crash this time, Kieran! I never crash, it’s you that crashes! You know you’re prone to crashing! (laughs) Even when traffics not on! Did it! Just wait until you see, “Go”, that’s all you have to do. Is this the same race? Yeah, why? Uh! Oh! I just meant to horn you then, but used it by accident. (laughs) You did what? (laughs) I was trying to “beep” my horn at you, but used my turbo by accident. (laughs) I told you not to crash this time! You cursed me! You know you don’t hit me with those rockets. I don’t have any rockets. (WHOOSH!) (EXPLOSION!) Right! Did my rockets at least go off? (laughs) You committed suicide, how did you do that? I think our rockets shot each other? Oh, did they? (laughs)What? You’re so jelly of my motorbike. Not really! It’s not even your motorbike. (laughs) I can’t do it today, I’ve had a single bloody one! It’s your yapping! I’ve had, like, two! (BEEP!) (gunshots) Ouch! That was my bottom! (WHOOSH!)(EXPLOSION!) (BEEP!) (BEEEEP!) Did you “beep” at me? Poop! (laughs) I was turbo-ing you. Sorry? I used turbo boost. Oh! Sounded like a beep. What? Why would I beep at you? I’m going to level, by the time, we do this. (blows raspberry) It’s 10 races we’ve got. Well 9 after this. Did you wait until “Go”? Yeah, and I missed it again, that was my boost you little.. No, you got the boost then, not me! I know, but your still trying to overtake me. No, you go for the one on the right, so I go for the one on the left normally. Some scumbag stole it! Hold up! Hold up! I thought you had boost, what’s going on? You’re a scumbag, that’s what’s going on! Hold on, where have you gone? Yeah! Don’t you dare! (laughs) (EXPLOSION!) (laughs) So.. you.. do.. GTA race. That’s what you should say. Hmm-hmm. Eh? You didn’t pick yellow! Oh! I did it too early! God damn it! I win! You picked yellow, what sort of scumbag are you? Bloody hell! You’re going to have trouble getting down these alleys. Oh! It wouldn’t turn! That’s good driving! I couldn’t turn (laughs). Eh! Please do not hit my bottom, I’m a ladybird! Excuse me? Oh God! That’s (laughs) whoa! Eh! Eh! Eh! (laughs) I parked my car on top. You know what? I’m driving perfect here! No! Oh! Why did you do that? I won’t be perfect here. Hold up! Hold up! Oh! Da-da-da-da-da-daa-bonk! (laughs) Oh! Eh? Someone’s put traffic on! It’s the Baba’s natural enemy, Baba. I know, it’s horrible! I swear they all come out to hit me, on this traffic! Eh? (laughs) That’s how you win the lap! It’s good to see that my tactic worked. I was going to hit you, but you came and hit me first! Why’s this corner so hard to turn (laughs) and they put a lamppost on the edge? I made it around the corner, good though, compared to Baba. Well I hit the bloody lamppost! (laughs) Whoa! (both laugh) Oh! Whoa! (laughs) Whoa-ho-ho! (laughs) Oh, Baba! This car’s too slide-y and then you can’t turn around because you’re in an alley. I just use the handbrake. What handbrake? There’s a handbrake? Yeah, “X”, is handbrake. Oh my God! I’ve got a handbrake! Yeah. When did this happen? Like watch this corner here.. handbrake! Oh, no! That’s well more slide-y! Why would I do that? Because it’s well more fun. Ready? Handbrake! (SMASH!) (SMASH!) Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! I just started a new car, coz.. (sucks in air) You’ll catch up anyway. Probably wont. You will in our favourite little alley! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! What’s that car doing up there, he’s..? Oh! (phone rings) I nearly toppled my car over! (phone) “What can I help you with?” On that corner, be careful! You almost toppled it over? (almost laughing) Yeah, it went on it’s side and everything, it wobbled, and went back on the ground. (laughs) Oh! Jeeze, Baba, that’s a new low. Do-do-do-do-do-da-do-do-do. Oh! Excuse me! (CRASH!) Ah! Not today! (driver) “You piece of sh..” (laughs) Did you crash into him then? No! Did you not? I used my handbrake, Baba! You weren’t moving though, I was gonna say, you weren’t moving! Oh! (SCREAMS!) Arghhhhh! (mocks) Duhhhhh! Nope, no, no, nope, nope, nope! (CRASH!) Oh! (laughs) I braked like right at the end then, Baba, you’re so lucky! (laughs) What! You were all the way to the left! There’s no way you would have gone through it. I would. No! Because I went through it when I hit that woman. We got well loads more money the last race we did. It’s because it lasted longer, the last race. Last race was 4 mins. Nope! I didn’t get it. How? Just do it on “Go”! Wait until it says “Go” before you press it. That’s all you have to do. I’m winning. Yeah? (EXPLOSION!) Oh, God! Scumbag! (gunshots) Did you actually hit me because.. aw! It’s going to take me forever to get there now! Why? Did I pop your tyre? Yeah! Baba, I’m sat so far away I can’t read the writing, and I popped your tyre! Arghhh! I got a mechanic thing, Jesus! You’re lucky I got that or it would have been taking forever! Go across! I can’t believe you popped it, how did you pop it? Baba, (laughs) I couldn’t see where you are, I was just shooting randomly. With a pistol. Randomly? Hu-hu. Yeah, because I’m lying in bed, because I’m so tired. (laughs) That’s cheating! Are you sure? Yep! This was a genius idea, well done! See! I did it! I did it! I DID IT! I DID IT! My God! See, just listen to me! You stole my.. (sound breaks) I did it! Stole it! You go to left, noob, I go to the right one! I don’t understand what you’re on about. I did it! (audio bad) That boost, you stole my boost! I did the turbo start! I know I saw, I did the turbo start too. God! Don’t think you’re special, just because you did a turbo boost! I told you how to do it millions of times, but you never listen to me! (BEEP!) Excuse me! (SPLAT!) Where are you? I splatted face first into the pole! (laughs) (laughs a lot) Sorry, that was so funny! Hey, I leveled! I didn’t even notice I’d leveled. Gratz on that, Baba. How many more? Is it like 10? Seven. Seven? I’ve only got 2 more races to win! I’ve got 3 more. (SCREAMS) Arghhhhh! We’ve nearly on 4 races to go!