A lot of times people think that our vents resemble bicycle patches. They’re often referred to as a patch or sticky patch – although it looks like a simple product or component. In reality, there is a lot of technology and innovation behind the vent. Previous technology would involve a hole in the back of your headlamp. What our technology has provided is protection from dirt and dust and water. So that you
don’t have an open hole. You now have a protected environment which also allows for pressure equalization and airflow. When we identify a need in the industry, our Associates are very committed to understanding everything about the technology and how it fits into
that need. What we do is ask a lot of questions. We involve a robust team of engineers. You know, we call it a partnership and it really is a partnership. We’re looking at what is the final result that they want to achieve, which is low risk and predictable performance over the life of the vehicle. We do what’s best for the product and we do what’s best for our customers. Because of that, our quality systems and quality controls and our processes are world-class. For our costumers there are not multiple layers that you have to go to to get answers. We have a global support so that
if you need product integration in the US, it’s gonna be the same as what you get in any region in the world. I think passion is one of those things that you can’t buy but everybody wants. When we walk into our door, we’re excited about the next opportunity. So whether you have a headlamp that needs to last a 150,000 miles or you have an electronic component, our Gore vents will provide the protection needed to last the lifetime of the vehicle.